Thursday, April 9, 2009

Testimony 6

Here continues the sharing of the testimonies of Hartley which he has experienced over his lengthy lifetime. We are grateful for his contribution of these highly personal experiences.

“Sunday, March 29, 2009

In view of the unrest and posturing of the Nations in this last month and the expressed determination of our new government, I set aside the testimony I had prepared and will submit the following for your consideration.

While getting ready for bed one evening, 1977 era, I was suddenly taken to a room which looked like a hollowed out pearl. The walls were luminous, and round. There were no corners. Out of the floor a pedestal stood upon which was a bolt of gold cloth. I asked ‘what is this?’ I immediately was back on the side of my bed.

Several weeks later I attended a weekend retreat at Camp Donovan. I was going through a personal crisis at that time and when I attended a prayer meeting I chose to sit at the very back—the service being held under a large tent canopy—choosing not to participate. It seemed there was room for several hundred people, but there were only thirty or forty clustered up near the front.

Suddenly I was pulled back a great distance. I could see under the canopy and at the same time the whole world was before me as if it were in a great fish bowl. I could see every nation. When I looked at one area I suddenly could see close up, people in that area, working, moving about, doing their labors.

I looked back under the canopy and there was a different group of people there, every seat was filled and people were standing outside looking in. An Elder stood up and began speaking but the words were hidden from me, I was given to understand those words were being heard by every soul on the whole earth at the same time.

As I scanned the nations, focusing in different places, I saw the words were enraging those people of all nations. Great fury was building up, and the countenances of those people showed great and vicious hatred.

The Elder spoke again and four young men came to the front. Following them came an Elder carrying the roll of gold cloth. They draped it over those four young men, probably in their teens, cutting holes for their heads to go through. There was a talk given by the Elder in charge, and as he spoke the young men were given and dressed in armor until they looked like Roman Soldiers. The armor was both of white gold and yellow gold. They were sent out some distance, one to the North, one to the South, one East and one West.

As those young men assumed their positions, men of all nations came boiling over the coasts of America, and from the North, the South, the East and West. Isaiah mentioned they came as the waves of the ocean. So many in number the first thought that came to me was ‘there is no possible way to have a supply line capable of sustaining this many soldiers.’

They literally covered the whole land. Rank upon rank, line upon line, they began to move toward the Center of America. As I looked to the West and North West they were packed so close one could not see between the ranks.

As they approached that single teenager in the West, they thought to walk right over him. They passed a great distance past him then suddenly, as if considering him for the first time, they swung around and started back toward him. It seemed their singular purpose at that moment was to vent their hate and destroy that young man.

As they approached that young man dressed in Roman Armor, a great beam of light came out of the heavens and splayed up and down on the armor, blinding the invaders and filling their hatred to the point that if they felt any movement around them they would strike out, killing what ever moved.

The vision ended at that point.

Some of the above seemed symbolic but mostly real enough that it fully engaged a total spectrum of my emotions.

NOTE: A granddaughter, two-and-a-half years old, has taken on the responsibility to bring me to the dinner table when ever the meal is ready, and when she is present. Last week she came over where I was sitting, grabbed my hand and led me to the table, a few feet from the end of the table she let go of my hand and ran ahead and pulled my chair out for me.

Saturday, pulling me toward the table she noticed that my hands were not perfectly dry, she changed direction and took me to the kitchen sink and a towel. When she was satisfied with my hands she said, ‘Come on, big boy,’ which caused quite a ripple of laughter to all that heard, and some very tender feelings to blossom.

After the nations have reached their Zenith of determination; civil unrest is in every nation; after Russia has built their six new submarines with cruise missiles; Iran launched her rockets, previously stating their intentions to kill Americans. After North Korea’s posturing and threats; China increased her military presence in the world; friction over the north pole; after the World leaders have exercised their wisdom and their scientific achievements and fulfilled their strangest dreams, can they, will they, duplicate such a tender loving moment, or even a smile, on any soul as that two-and-a-half year old girl?

With the sum total of all they represent, all the nations, in all their combined power, after using that power, will they make one experience in anyone’s life, in the whole world, better than that little girl was able to do?

The rich, the wise, and the learned are insane.

God Bless!

Hartley Stanbridge”

You may, as usual, feel free to share this testimony in any manner without specific permission. All we request is that they be offered unedited and with an appropriate link.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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