Friday, April 3, 2009

It’s Up To Us !!!

If you are waiting for the cavalry to ride over the hill and save us from the current threat in the White House you are a gone goslin’. You are the cavalry! You are the only one who can save this great nation; its traditions and values are in your hands.

Generally, the media despises you and everything you stand for. The Republicans, what few there are left in Washington, have been emasculated and rendered helpless by an electorate who swoon over every utterance from “the one.” Many of your fellow citizens are so enthralled with the concept that they put their racial attitudes behind them and elected a black (?) man to lead, are deaf and blind to the realities of his programs. Under the threat of losing a vital tax benefit, our churches are fearfully mute and limit their protests to subtleties. About the only ones left who appreciate the dangers, both now and in the future, are those who are familiar with the terrors of despotism.

So, who is left to fight this battle? You! You and millions of otherwise uninvolved people will be required to mount a protest of sufficient strength that it can not be ignored. You must emulate those brave patriots at Lexington and Concord and mount a defiant posture to demonstrate your displeasure with the actions of financial cowardice so apparent in the nation’s capitol. Unlike those heroes, you will not be leaving crop planting and livestock tending to grab your musket from over the mantle to physically engage the enemy. You will not plant a kiss on the cheek of your bride in departure to a struggle from which you may not return. But, your duty is clear and equally important..

April 15, 2009 can be just as significant in our children’s memory as April 18, 1775. Let it be the day when you joined tens of millions of liberty loving fellow citizens in cities in every state in public squares and in front of state capitols to stand with them in protest. Let it be a protest to recognize the insane rape of our treasury to enhance the political needs of a false prophet. Let it be a protest of governmental involvement in the private industries and institutions of the republic. Make a protest of allowing international bodies to be instrumental in the governance of our people. Let it be a celebration of individualism and not social control.

Many will plead they don’t know what they can do or where they can go to participate. You now have absolutely no excuse. For an overview and a complete listing, state by state, of the upcoming events you may hopefully feel compelled to join, click on Tax Day Tea Party. Your nearest event may be scheduled in a state other than yours so here is the Google Map which shows each location. On the map, double click on the bubble and a box will drop down with details. With this information you have absolutely no excuse to not know where, when, and the importance of each of these efforts.

Constitutionally, we live in a nation governed by laws and its people. If this protest is well attended in each location, locally elected representatives will have to pay heed and be directed by the message only you can deliver. We need be convincing, sincere, adamant, and well behaved, but firm. The offering of the protest needs to be uncompromising. Quit!

The numbers will be extremely important so your presence is required if it is to be a success. Please join us at a location near you and reclaim the liberty your forefathers fought and died for..

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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