Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Policy Statement

This is a brief message to advise the readers of a new and irrevocable policy at Zion Beckons.

Even as a child, I soon learned to avoid puppet shows. I figured out that the visible characters in the presentation were not genuine and that the intent was generated by those unseen and generally unidentified persons who pulled the strings. I was unable to apply that necessity to understand fiction which is the suspension of disbelief. It is in that spirit that we have decided to no longer attribute the actions of those in leadership in our government to those “persons” we see on our TV screens or in person at public events.

The “strings” in this case are the endless supplies of money which purchases the influence, power, and political clout for the “puppets.” It has become increasing apparent that the visible parties involved have little native intelligence or actual political skill of their own. One only has to hear their unscripted remarks to understand fully their lack of grasp of even the simplest concepts. Unlike the puppet show, these actors must read their own lines and they are not spoken by the string pullers.

Normally, we at Zion Beckons would eschew the conspiracy theory de jour. They invariably support some agenda or another and are not really all that credible. A case in point would be the wild implications of whether Lee Harvey Oswald was supported by others in the assignation of Kennedy. Proof of the accusations would not return the slain president to his original vigor so we must conclude that the accusations supported some live agenda. 9/11 spawned its own theories even to the ridiculous assertion of “fire will not melt steel.” You, no doubt, can furnish additional conspiracy theories as you consider the possibilities.

We have concluded through evidence gained by observation of past behavior that one of the strongest possibilities for being named the conspirator responsible in part for the current debacle in Washington may well be George Soros. With a personal fortune in excess of $11 billion, he certainly has the resources. To his credit, much of his activity is an open secret. For a surprisingly accurate entry we recommend a look at the Wikipedia entry under his name. For example, they readily acknowledge his contributions of in excess of $25 million to unseat George Bush in 2004 with donations to 527’s. From his personal fortune, the seventy-eight year old has supplied financial support for many projects which support his world view.

Although we are certain that others of his philosophical persuasions are working in concert with him; we are choosing to identify Soros as the primary source of the current “string pulling.” To deny his brilliance as a financial wizard would be foolhardy and shun the truth. To not see his hand in our current government would also place us in the “head in the sand” ostrich posture. He is a force to be reckoned with, understood, and fought at every turn.

The principal assets available for the fight for liberty are two-fold: the sheer numbers of those citizens who love their country and the Constitution of the United States. As usual, it requires the vigilance of every citizen and a familiarization with the rule of law. Pray for the strength to thwart this puppet-master.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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