Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 87

There is a special joy to join with other Christians to celebrate the empty tomb and the promise implicit in that event. I was fortunate to be with others, who appreciate the personal importance of that happening who were eager to be with others of similar understanding. Brother Lee Parsons brought the message and was at the top of his game. The music was inspirational and the congregation left with a spirit of renewal and a challenge for the future of their faith.

Captain Phillips Released

Shortly after church on Sunday, we learned that Captain Phillips had been liberated from the Somali pirates. The president’s OK for the military to use whatever deadly force was necessary was granted on Friday and on the 83rd day of his presidency we find our new leader worthy of some isolated praise. After the decisions and worse, the non-decisions, by the current administration we find the old adage true. “Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then.”

In this case, we applaud the approval from the oval office for our superb military to do that which they do so well.

There is still one matter which requires some attention if these attacks are just interrupted and not stopped completely. These vessels are totally and absolutely unarmed. I realize that you are probably stunned to find that there are not even small arms aboard. It has to do with liability issues with the owners of the vessels and also the cargo. Their avoidance of financial responsibility has presented an irresistible target for these terrorist pirates. No matter what the ownership of the vessel or cargo they are undefended. The only exception is when special security forces are provided in advance of a trip for a sensitive cargo. In this circumstance, the crew is in no way equipped to assist.

If we had any influence on the laws of the sea; if the United Nations were something other than an ineffectual toothless and corrupt tiger; if the nations involved could be convinced to cooperate: it would be a perfect world and then immunity could be provided to those who choose to protect their property and the lives of those who deliver it. Until that day arrives, nations and their carriers will continue to be subject to abuse at the hands of these renegades.

I predict that more stories such as the one we have just watched will continue until some definitive action is taken.

April 15 is Approaching as are the Tea Parties

A pivotal point in American history will no doubt take place on this coming Wednesday. It will mark an event which will occur simultaneously in about 400 American cities. This is the centralized date for the grass roots expression of disgust at the current financial polices we have seen implemented in the last few weeks.

As previously stated it is vital to the future of the republic that each citizen avails himself of the opportunity to voice his views. Within this structure of nationwide protest we can peacefully inform our leadership of our displeasure and the unlikelihood of returning to office anyone who supports the continued abuse of our treasury.

Please consider joining a Tea Party and enjoy the fellowship of folks like you who want to show their colors and protest. Thank you for supporting the America we know and love.

A Politician You Can Love

In the interest of fairness I will share a video taped with the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. This remarkable politician is one you need to meet and applaud if you agree. Not only has she demonstrated individual competence but she represents accomplishment in an age group with which we may identify. It is extremely entertaining and I guarantee you will enjoy hearing from this “salty” lady.

I have visited her city several times over the last few years and can assure you that it is indeed a very pleasant place. It is a large suburb of Toronto and the seventh largest city in Canada. Click and enjoy.

A Stroke of Islamic Genius

This is a riot! It seems that the Islamic troublemakers have smuggled a quantity of stinger missiles into Gaza to be used against the Israeli Defense Forces. When the US made helicopters of the IDF approached the Hamas operatives found out too late that the manufacturer had equipped the stingers with a disarming device when it was directed to that specific brand of chopper. This had been added to avoid the tragedy of “friendly fire” incidents.

For more information and the source of the comment please check here.

Bowing to Authority

I refuse to show the tape one more time. Everyone has seen it and has come to their personal conclusions no doubt influenced by individual political bent.

At issue is whether our president bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia.. I clearly saw the bow. There is no (not little; no!) doubt in my mind. For whatever reason, he chose this obsequious gesture to a foreign sovereign. I really don’t care what he does as Barack Hussein Obama; I do care what he does as the President of the United States. I do not want to see the President genuflect to any man or nation. All of this occurred after treating our friend and loyal ally, Queen Elizabeth of England as though she were a petitioner in a welfare office. Bow to a tyrant and kiss off the Queen; about par for the course I’d say. I would probably be much happier if I were able to accommodate the fact that our nation is now led by a clueless and clumsy man with few social graces or wisdom.

And finally

At last, a new visitor to the bird feeders. What appears to be a brown creeper has shown up for treats. It is slightly smaller than its cousin, the white breasted nuthatch, with a mottled brown back, tail feathers with varied white and black at the wing tips. He showed up with the same ability of his kin to stroll up-side-down on a vertical surface and also shares the same voracious appetite.

As spring continues, the next project is planting grapes which will; we hope and pray, eventually climb the new deck and take advantage of the open hatch work of the covering. The redbuds are still with us as are most of the dogwoods. The bushes are leafing and all is well in God’s world. It is a joy working with Him to further beautify our home.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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