Thursday, March 19, 2009

Testimony 3

Today we continue with the relation of the testimonies of Hartley. This is a recollection of a fifty year accumulation of one on one experiences with the Holy Spirit.

“Just before I left for work one afternoon, I read in the scriptures that if God turned His back on His creation it would become undone. This caused me to marvel as I drove through Kansas City. The traffic became gridlocked, and I finally turned the engine off and waited.

As I sat there I considered the Scripture that I had read. The Spirit fell upon me, and as I looked out of the windshield I suddenly saw, and sensed, the Power of God holding the elements together--absolute and total. Every blade of grass had a light around it; every leaf, and every tree, the elements of each held in place by the Power of God--every living thing. A squirrel crossing over the car on a power line, had every hair illumed by that same power. A lady walking down the street was fully engulfed.

I looked off into the distance where they were erecting a new building, steel brightly painted, which was being lifted into place, and I was suddenly shocked. The beautiful essence of God’s mighty Spirit was not in evidence. I looked more carefully around me; all that man had made was in decay, even the new steel being erected on the building. It did not have the essence of that which was on and in every living thing.

I sensed every living thing was interacting with all creation through that power. I now understood the words of the Lord, ‘Pray over your crops, your flocks, your loved ones, all that is before you, around you, dear to you.’ The Scriptures say God is in, through and around all things. It is truly so.

In the language of today, I suppose it is called Karma.

A man told a story of visiting a home, there was a grape vine struggling near the back door. A feeling of compassion came over him, and he spontaneously asked the Lord to bless it. That year they picked a bushel of grapes from that grape vine. The owner said God had truly blessed it.

God Bless,

Hartley Stanbridge”

If you wish to direct a private comment to Hartley, you may email him at We here at Zion Beckons are grateful to him for sharing these wonderful moments from his life.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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