Friday, March 20, 2009

Give It a “Rest”

Perhaps one of the most effective devices used by those geniuses who have composed the great symphonies is the rest. Who among us has not been thrilled by the soaring music, adding power, volume and intensity; racing to a climactic moment when suddenly they all go entirely mute? It is a form of silent punctuation which emphasizes the glory of the preceding notes. As a result, there is as much impact from the absolute silence as there was from the frantic ascendancy to the climax.

Once the rest is counted, the orchestra continues to our further enjoyment. In retrospect we understand that that singular moment was as important to the composition as everything the extremely talented musicians have offered before its arrival. It has supplied a two or three second respite for the musicians to restore their breath or ease the burden on the arm which holds the bow. It has offered a brief moment for the audience to allow the flavor of the work to be absorbed.

I believe that there is a parallel here from which the president could learn a great deal. As he sees his poll approval numbers continue to drop he might wish to consider the importance of the “rest.” Since the inauguration, there has been a constant flurry of activity with near manic offerings of new programs, new governance style, and one crisis after another. Radical proposals are offered at machine gun speed with a fresh topic on the griddle every morning with his waffles. His predecessor, more akin to the tortoise than the hare, did not furnish enough activity in his entire administration to provide sufficient fodder to supply enough “necessary” corrective action to fuel the current needs of this outfit.

I seriously doubt if his followers drank enough Kool-Aid leading up to his taking charge to supply the energy to keep up. I am well aware that his opposition has had to be alert 24/7. Just on Zion Beckons alone our posting rate has nearly doubled because we believe that each and every cockamamie scheme deserves examination. We are not unique in this regard as we find nearly every blogger we visit daily has increased his output accordingly. Even the ultra liberal ones are taxed to defend every new wrinkle which comes from the White House. And yes, there is a new one at least once a day.

If his desire was to truly effect a change and not just stir the pot; I believe a more reasoned, well investigated and frankly, slower approach might prove more successful. As it stands now, all of us from the extreme left to those to the right of your host get up very early to see what’s on the plate for today. We all scramble to offer either endorsement or rebuttal and seek to determine whether it is a serious proposal or just another smoke screen to cover up yet one more unreasoned debacle.

The original document of liberty was dated July 4, 1776. The final Constitution of the United States was approved on September 15, 1787. It took 11 years, 2 months, and 13 days between the two for agreement to be reached to insure the original liberty to the citizens of the original colonies. We all know that it is easier to destroy than it is the build. It is also quicker. Mr. President, attempt to destroy it if you must, but do so with a modicum of decency and at least take your time. Give it a rest.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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