Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Someone Gets It

I am about to give you a link which will immediately be resisted. If you bring it up your first reaction will be to avoid it because of its sheer length. The only reason I made the decision to “click” was foreknowledge that it was from the Heritage Foundation. I trust them for not only the truth but also their capacity to make that which I vaguely understand crystal clear.

The piece deals with a concept I have misunderstood for years. What motivates the liberal mind to be so aggressively against what I see as America’s greatest strengths?

The speaker, Evan Sayet, isolates the answer to my burning question. His credentials are capably outlined by the man introducing him and Sayet goes straight to the heart of the issue. With his good humor, excellent organization, and unpretentious speech, I guarantee that you will leave the experience with a far better understanding.

When he completed his presentation I felt disappointed because I wanted more. Time had gone by in such a rush; I could not believe it. His delivery prompted another question which I answered to my personal satisfaction. Without a teleprompter, obvious notes, or any other crutch, he delivered his remarks smoothly and directly from the heart. It is always a pleasure to listen to one who has a thorough knowledge and love of his subject.

Click here and you can thank me later.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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