Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 82

Just as a matter of review, I called your attention earlier to the presidential nullification of the Bush stand on embryonic research. It was only two days later that the congress passed the porkulus bill which contained a reinstatement of the same policy, obviously a feature which was unknown to “the one” when he signed it into law. I use this as a serious criticism of not just the president, but also, the entire left side of the congress.. To sign a bill into law which contains a diametric contradiction of an executive order just issued is bad enough. For the congress to forward a bill containing that about face is all the demonstration I need to see that the left hand does not know what the other left hand is about.

Obviously, I am delighted with the outcome. I have given some serious thought to just how this all came about. I should be faulted for a failure to fully understand how it happened. I have prayed repeatedly for God’s intervention and when it takes place; I stand amazed. I also realize that many of you have prayed to same end and hope that you do not join me in demonstrating my lack of faith.

We should all rejoice that either through the hand of God or old fashioned ineptitude, this wonderful outcome has been realized. Each and every life is precious to God. Every child in the womb is under constant assault so these victories, no matter how small; have to be great in the eyes of God.

Hang ‘em High

I was reading a piece on the declining stock market and found this in the comments:

“I bet if the entire Obama Administration and Democratic Congressional Leadership were sentenced to hang on December 1, 2009, if the stock market was not above 9000 and unemployment was not below 7%, they would become raging tax-cutting pro-business libertarians overnight.”

An ammunition shortage?

As each day passes and the pressure increases to turn our government into yet another socialist utopia, we find many folks accelerating preparedness. This action takes many forms and involves stockpiling many different types of goods. Perhaps the most noticeable is the pressure to keep up with stocking ammunition.

A recent visit to a firearms dealer to bulk up personal stock confirmed what I had suspected. They are unable to keep up with the demand. Almost every category of ammo has been under pressure and the shelves were nearly bare. Selection of firearms themselves is severely limited whether new or used. As a former FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder it is easier to weed through the conversations with dealers and extract what is actually happening. There is little question in their minds as to the cause; private citizens want an adequate supply for the defense of their families and their property.

The customers almost universally mention to the dealers their desire for self-defense as their primary thought with no mention of offensive action. To blunt these observations some pundits have claimed that the pressure on inventories comes from the Mexican drug cartels and not private citizens and police agencies. For a fuller discussion of this issue you might wish to (click here.) Unlike firearms themselves, ammunition purchase does not require jumping through the same hoops.

Anyone with the least combat experience will happily share that in a sustained fire-fight; no one ever had enough ammo. I am not suggesting that that possibility is on the horizon. But, I am an ex-boy scout and our motto was: “Be prepared!”

More Comments from Readers

I truly believe that I see as much wisdom from readers who comment on blogs as I do from those who labor to write them. The first one speaks to myth that “the one” is an accomplished “off the cuff” speaker. I don’t see how this guy can order his favorite breakfast, waffles, without a teleprompter. The second addresses one of few really good decisions he has made. These were both responses to Glen Reynolds of Instapundit.

Reader Thomas Prewitt writes:

“I am struggling to identify any area in which Obama has demonstrated competence since he became president. Seriously can you name one? Hell, he can’t even speak without using a teleprompter.”

MORE: Reader Fred Butzen writes:

“Normally, I’d rather damn Obama than praise him. But since you ask, I think he’s shown a degree of competence in managing the war in Iraq. Retaining Gates, and maintaining continuity with the Bush administration policies that were working. He had to make a show of setting a deadline, I guess to keep his supporters happy, but he eased under the bus the “mad dash for the exits” strategy that he had trumpeted during the campaign.
Obama could have shown just a smidgen of grace and made a nod in the direction of his predecessor, who, despite the unwavering opposition of people like Senator Barack Obama, managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat; but Barry doesn’t do magnanimity.”

And Finally

Today marked yet another smooth trip to Miami, OK for services. That 140 mile round trip gets shorter every time. Paul Ludy, known to most Saints as the Old Bookman, brought the message and thoroughly covered the intention of Christ in the ordinance of washing the feet. I’m certain that many in the pews were as informed and uplifted as I. Not only is he an inspired preacher he is also an extremely valuable resource for Restorationists seeking the latest or the oldest of our publications.

The rush to spring continues apace. Even though we really didn’t have a hard winter, I do enjoy having a window open now and then to enjoy (?) the odors of the season. The wild onions carry their own peculiar odor as do other local activities by the farmers. Without a snow cover, the birds are now in the process of cleaning up the spilled seed which fell upon the ground and deck. Once they get that cleaned up I’ll think about putting some fresh bird seed out there.

I’ll be taking the mower deck to my Amish neighbor for some minor welding and I can only hope I’m now prepared. I gave the tractor its annual full spring “detailing” and it doesn’t look half bad for starting its sixth season. The only remaining chore is to remove all the rocks which have risen through the soil this winter on about four acres. Either I do that or spend the rest of the spring and summer repairing the mower for the umpty-leventh time. Unbelievable as it may seem, I stock more parts (for that model mower) than the Sears Service Center in Springfield. Through it all, I thank God for keeping me in physical condition to handle these chores.

For those readers in the Snow Belt, keep the faith: Spring is on the way.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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