Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today the Fat Lady Sings

I have pled before that I truly believe Christianity has a stake in this election. It is vital to our Lord that we raise our voice and assert the truths which we hold so dear. I have occasionally felt guilty over devoting so much verbiage to the contest and my feeble efforts to counteract what I feel is stacked deck by the media and their mavens.

Today, I arose early (5am) and was rewarded by the discovery of a brand new website, written by a man of obvious intellect and far greater experience and perception than I could ever muster. In a mad, mad world, he actually makes sense. In self-defense I should note that I have been upbeat and continued to avoid accepting opinions of people who are trapped in the urban jungles of blue state influence. Possibly, I see his genius in his total agreement with me. If you read what he has to present, I think you will not only agree, but also be enervated by his analysis.

True believers in the fundamental worth of our God-given Constitution and the nation which sprang from it, occasionally suffer from pangs of doubt over the possible outcome of this plebiscite. We have fallen victim to an intentional set up provided by the zealots of Obamunism. So, at the end of the day, let us pray that his evaluation is correct.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

P.S. Don’t just think about it, get off your hands and GO VOTE!!!!

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