Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Was Wrong

That’s not an apology but rather an observation. An apology need only be offered if you have a demonstrated harm and your intention was to render it. We just experienced a period ruled by concepts, perceptions, and conjured reality. I confess only to seeing through much of the mist surrounding the issues and reacting in opposition. My principal error was not realizing that the majority of the people did not understand.

As is so often the case, I credited the electorate with adult capabilities to also recognize the legerdemain and act accordingly. I was wrong. I truly believe that most readers of Zion Beckons understood and did the right thing. But, compared to the tens of millions who did not share your advantage and your personal character we wound up in our minuscule collective effort as a “spit in the ocean.”

Like many of you, I have spent the morning staring at the computer screen in stunned disbelief. Our evening prayers included a request that God’s will be done for the benefit of the nation. This would not be the first time I failed to understand the full impact of “Gods will.” But my trust is ever in Him and I remind you that He continues to be in charge. To ignore His many responses to my selfish desires for healing, improved relationships, relief from alcohol addiction, and other self-recognized problems because they fit my desires should convince me that I can’t always be aware of His will for me—and for that matter the nation. Just because it doesn’t fit my template does not mean He isn’t listening.

Therefore, I shall not attempt to make sense of the matter and continue to fight the good fight and search for comments and opinions which you might not otherwise see.. This is not the first battle I have lost; nor shall it be the last. I have an anecdote for you which I see as an indicator of God trying to elevate my spirits.

I have often mentioned that I converted the porch to an extended office wed to our third bedroom; I also mentioned that I built a covered porch (deck?) which overlooks the Spring River Valley. The design allows me to sit at the computer and compose or move my eyes slightly to the right and look through the window over the expanse of the valley. At the roof line of the deck, I installed several hanging birdfeeders. I installed them so that they are not readily reachable by the predatory cats which we live with. They have been there for a month and I have yet to see the first bird take advantage of my largesse. Amidst cries of “ungrateful wretches” they just haven’t come.

At the depth of my funk over the election this morning, I noted three gold finches enjoying a morning snack. What I take from it is simply this: some things are just more important than others. The world continues to spin, they have located a food source for the winter and this earth does not exist for my personal pleasure and agenda. We shall, however, continue to fight the good fight and since we know the final outcome, shall enjoy every battle.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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