Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Teachable Moment

Granny and I took a look at the back-up crowd behind B.H.O. at a speech in Ohio recently and we came to an instant mutual conclusion. Obama’s encounter with Joe the Plumber was a learning experience for his holiness. Rarely has he been seen since beyond the reach of a tightly controlled group of adorees. At the time of the encounter with Joe, he was eager to press the flesh and wrongly assumed he had picked a working stiff ready to agree with his every utterance. When the innocent he picked from the crowd turned out to have some radical concepts of the meaning of America and the founding principles, he found he had dug a deep hole with very slippery sides. Joe the Plumber was not all that enamored of the idea of “sharing the wealth.”

I suspect that Joe would take the shirt off his back for you if he sensed your need and probably chase it with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. He struck me as that kind of guy. I have never heard him claim to be anything other than what he stated at the time. But Obama took the hint and to my knowledge, never again just grabbed some guy from the crowd on the false assumption that every body is a dunce.

As we watched the video referenced in the previous post, we noted carefully the crowd reaction to the ridiculous statement about the 3000% decrease in costs. Most of those dolts just nodded with vacuous grins and followed the party line. On the right of the screen is an older guy in a suit and tie with neatly trimmed beard who bears watching. As the impact of Obama’s ridiculous statement sinks in, he starts to show a grin, stifles it and is then unable to conceal the smirk. He did not join in the applause and one wonders what may have been going on inside his mind. Is it possible that his apparent amusement was at the positive reaction so many of the sheep displayed upon that outrageous announcement. It is obvious that I can in no way determine what was going on in his head. Anyone with an intellect in excess of a bag of hammers would have recognized the statement for what it was—just plain crazy at so many levels.

Obama needs a keeper because when left to his own devices he cannot be trusted to play alone with sharp pointy things. He might also learn something by projecting a graph of his face time before the cameras and his Rasmussen poll ratings. It is a safe bet that as the number of minutes in public increases the polling numbers decrease. Take it to the bank. Osama bin Laden maintains his immense popularity in the Arab world by hiding in a cave; maybe Obama might think about emulating him.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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