Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Can’t Fix Stupid

I am a Christian and I have acquaintances and even family members who try my faith on a routine basis. Some intentionally irritate me because they are aware of my stance on the current state of affairs in our nation’s capital. They question my patriotism because I am unwilling to see the nation bankrupt to provide services to people who refuse to provide for themselves. They endorse certain government proposals which are thinly disguised as a public benefit, when in fact they would serve only to disrupt our very successful system. I can come to only one of two conclusions: either they hate America or they are intentionally subversive. That position may in fact be a compound answer and not a choice

I am mystified by either alternative. They have, for the most part; all worked hard, assimilated into the American mainstream, enjoy the benefits of liberty, shared in the bounty as a result and are otherwise fairly normal. For all the incessant talk, I have yet to hear the sound arguments to support this insanity. Please spare me the “it’s for the children” crap.

After a lifetime as a peddler, I fully understand the mechanics of a sale. Attention, interest, conviction, desire and close are now and have always been the dependable steps to a successful sale. They were effective when they were first formally outlined sixty plus years ago and they are just as useful today. What is lacking here is the presence of a legitimate product. Once one departs from an honest product the presentation becomes tarnished by the lie. To disguise socialism in the cloak of “health care” to satisfy the requirements of the Cloward/Piven strategy is an outright falsehood.

I remain unconvinced by Nancy Pelosi’s hysteria, Barney Frank’s slurred words, Harry Reid’s dour pronouncements, Chuck Schumer’s New York lawyer act, and most of all by Obama’s Messiah imitation. I have only one Savior and his name isn’t Barack. I also think I would be hesitant to approach the Heavenly throne with a history of deity impersonation. Lacking evidence of his (Ed: please note the lower case “h”) awareness of final judgment, perhaps he has no fear.

Meanwhile, I continue to encounter those who have fallen hook, line, and promise of freebies for this charade. They stubbornly insist that it is the only logical path to caring for each and every crack head and ghetto dweller. They quickly point out that we are covered up with “rich” people to take up the financial slack. They omit any reference to enforced and insanely expensive federal mandates to carry a public policy, death panels, the certain loss of medical practitioners, suborning of the contractual Medicare obligation, and government funding of the deaths of infants in the womb. All of this by ignoring the simple proposition that the government should not intrude into the most private parts of our lives and exert absolute control.

In a recent speech, Obama claimed that some would experience a 3000% reduction in health care costs as a result of the proposed legislation. I freely admit that math was not my strong suit in school. I did learn enough, however, to question just exactly how much that would affect the $167.50 I send to American Family each month for supplemental insurance for Granny or the combined $200+ which is deducted from our SS checks for Medicare. If you are a math whiz, please compile these figures and tell me what I can plan on in the future. I tried it and came up with $11,025.00 per month that I would get back. Assuming we are about average and you project it against the entire population it comes to about $1,708,875,000,000.00 per month. That seems a bit high to me. Please correct my figures if I’m wrong. Grandpa pretty much nailed it when he said: “figures don’t lie; but, liars figure.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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Dean O said...

Just when you think it can't get any more does. Great post