Thursday, September 9, 2010

Obama, Going to the Dogs

Today marks a landmark in the Obama presidency. From the soaring approval numbers in the polls immediately following the election, we find some twenty months later that BHO has reached the nadir of his public acceptance. Rasmussen, the leader in verifiable polling results, reported the overnight finding at -24%. This is achieved by comparing the “strongly” approve/disapprove numbers, 47 vs. 23, and the difference, -24, is the index.

Removing the critical adverb “strongly” from the question, we find him lagging by a 58-41 margin of -17. A necessary reminder here is that Rasmussen predicted the final tally on Bush-Kerry and Obama-Bush with less than a 1% margin of error. In total, the numbers are the absolute lowest recorded for the president by the most accurate of all poll sources.

In a recent departure from his prepared remarks, the president complained that “people were treating him like a dog.” Having had a dog for a companion since 1937, I find his statement misses the mark by a wide margin. Each of the faithful, noble beasts who have enriched my existence over the years had a positive affect on my life. In return for their love, I made every effort to care for their needs and reward them for their service. Each was considered an active member of the family. However, none of them were ever allowed to accompany me on a journey using their own personal multi-engine jet as transport. Being “treated like a dog” apparently does have its perks.

Even Lyndon Johnson, whose conduct and policies in the White House I found most disagreeable, enjoyed one photo from the oval office which gave me a measure of hope for the man. He was shown, leaning back in his chair reading a multi-page document held in one hand and with the other he was idly scratching his dog’s head. I saw in that picture, a different perspective of his personality I had previously never observed. It served to temper my opinion of him from that day forward.

Understanding the narcissist is a life long study but one does not need endless years of education to either recognize one or see the negative affect he has on those around him. This individual will stand as a case study for years to come. As gradually we unwrap the endless layers of mystery concerning this president we shall find a soulless, egocentric man who has ridden affirmative action to outrageous heights. Fortunately, one only needs return to the Rasmussen numbers quoted above to see the American electorate coming to grips with the realities of their decisions.

As we continue to watch, often in horror, the activities of our government in lock step doing nearly everything they can to destroy America, it becomes more difficult to predict the end result. I’m confident, with certain reservations, that the electorate is starting to awaken. As the affects of our current financial difficulties turn from recession to depression with massive unemployment, depressed housing markets, and the lack of effective action from the government, how can anyone sleep through it? In hard numbers we now have a national debt equivalent to the grand total of every previous administration combined. Instead of solutions, we find ourselves deluged with distracting issues to divert our attention from the unrelenting problems we face as a nation. Oil spills, book burning, weather threats, vacation schedules, are the crisis de jour and noteworthy but nothing compared to the overthrow of the government.

For twenty months we have been reminded daily that the entirety of the nation’s ills belong on the shoulders of the previous administration. Might it possibly be the time to stand up, like a man, and take responsibility for his own actions? I realize that is inconsistent with the personality of the narcissist but it certainly would be a refreshing change. Gradually, the entire population—even leftists—will come to see the need for the restoration of sanity in our government. The only remaining question is; will they accomplish this attitudinal change before it is too late? God help us!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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