Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Curiosities

Despite the well-known knowledge that all US District Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president, Democrats raised the outrage roof when Bush fired eight of them.  They, and their media co-conspirators conveniently forgot the truth of the provisions of the law and demagogued the issue relentlessly.  These same chronic complainers ignored the firing by Bill Clinton of not a mere eight, but the entire lot of them in a fit of partisan pique, when he took office.  In August, the Justice Department quietly announced that no prosecutions or further investigations were planned.  No word yet, has come on news of an apology to George Bush for the inconvenience of the false accusations. 

February 10, 1964.  On this day the Civil Rights Act passed the House of Representatives and, Glenn Beck was born in Everett, Washington.  The next day, the 11th, Sarah (Heath) Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho.   Think about what occupied your life on those critical days.  Were you even born yet? 

The American justice system allows every accused the right of a capable defense.  Each accused is read his rights by the arresting authority and understands his inability to pay is not a criteria for denying an attorney.  In defense of “the blind sheik” (Omar Abdel Rahman) who was proven complicit in the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, Lynne Stewart, exceeded her authority as a defense lawyer and acted as an information conduit from the perp to his handlers.  In 2005, this act of treason earned a conviction and sentence of a ridiculously low, three years.   She did not see a cell until 2009 through various legal wranglings and for her offense against the nation; the courts upped her time to ten years.  Although an improvement, ten years remains insufficient punishment for giving aid and comfort to an enemy beyond filing the appropriate papers.

While I am certain that falsely claiming military service records which include combat experience are not unique to the Democrat Party, most of the easily verifiable distortions seem to come from that direction.  The now infamous “Christmas in Cambodia by John Kerry, Tom Harkins’s claims of “combat” missions over Viet Nam, and now the AG in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal who is running for the US Senate, has inferred he served in Viet Nam.  For a close look at the slack Blumenthal, as AG, has offered others, check out William Saleten’s piece in Slate. 

For all the alleged bungling by the military, they do keep remarkable records of actual military service in various theaters.  I am and have known hundreds of vets.  Each of us can relate with amazing accuracy the actual details of that service.  I stand amazed that Blumenthal, who has proven to be a serial prevaricator regarding his military experience, is seriously considered worthy to represent the people of Connecticut in the Senate. There is a world of difference between a combat assignment in Viet Nam and a Viet Nam era vet.  Stolen Valor indeed!

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Cecil Moon

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