Monday, September 13, 2010

Election Manipulation

The least heralded and also the least understood problem facing the nation currently is the election process. With a national election only fifty days away, we find a lethargic Justice Department failing its assigned responsibility to enforce the law. The agency with the foremost duty of law enforcement is poisoned with political bias and outright prejudice by selective determination of which laws to follow and which to ignore. As such, we find the republic under an insidious assault which enjoys little effective news coverage, and as a consequence is largely hidden from the citizenry.

No matter how completely capable, intelligent, or popular a candidate may be; if the electorate participate in a skewed election, he cannot be elected. Our congress has passed laws which cover requirements for citizenship, residence, and age of eligibility to cast a vote. Through the military voter protections legislation they also enabled those, who for legitimate reason must necessarily be absent on Election Day, to cast a ballot. There is also legislation which covers the citizens’ rights to be un-intimidated in the process. In each circumstance, the Department of Justice is charged with the enforcement of those statutes. In each, they seem indifferent to the existing law.

The franchise to vote has formerly been restricted only to legitimate citizens. This feature is unambiguous and restricted to those who can actually document their citizenship through proof of qualifications by a birth certificate or naturalization papers duly certified by election officials. At the local level, the gray-haired ladies and gentlemen who supervise and verify your eligibility and pore over the lists of the qualified at the polling place are equally divided by party affiliation to assure fairness in the process. In the town of “East Podunk, USA” this presents an idealized picture of the process at work.

The reality rears its ugly head when certain unseen factors go unnoticed by the routine voters. In a labyrinth of laws which require advance notice of changes in polling places and other details we find challenges from the Department of Justice which appear intentionally designed to prolong investigative results until more favorable courts become available. They accomplished much the same result by allowing loosely justified waivers to the requirements of the military voter protections and thereby disenfranchised military absentees. Add this to the dismissal of the voter intimidations by the Black Panthers and we find a composite of the duplicity so rank in the Justice Department.

Some factions on the left have shown overt signs of hysteria over the prospect of losing the House of Representatives. This may indeed be the case but it will require sufficient voter strength at the ballot boxes to overcome the “kept” Justice Department and Obama lackey, Eric Holder, the Attorney General. Complacency in the face of this powerful force would be suicidal for those who wish to restore the republic to its original intent. It then underlines the absolute necessity to turn out an overwhelming number of voters with sufficient advantage to exercise the public will for the restoration of the nation.

Even Obama is intelligent enough to realize that suspension of the election for whatever reason would get the public’s attention. He does have the executive authority to suspend, or at least delay, the plebiscite. Barring that, he has turned to Holder and given him the responsibility to insure a favorable result. Giving credit where credit is due, one has to admit he is doing his darndest.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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