Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O’Donnell and the RNSC

Before we undertake to understand the last twenty-four hours of electoral activity, let me state clearly that I favored Mike Castle for the nomination in Delaware.  I had read the gossip about O’Donnell and figured that Castle, warts and all, was the better choice.  Those registered Republicans in Delaware disagreed with me and elected Christine O’Donnell as their standard bearer in the upcoming run for the senate seat.  They live there, they read the local papers, they listen to the local talking heads on radio and TV, they have the pulse of the local needs of the citizens of Delaware and they chose O’Donnell.  Apparently, there are more Tea Partiers in Delaware than I imagined and they spoke loud and clear.  As a result, I have no alternative other than to respect their informed judgment and support their choice unequivocally.  To do otherwise would be to act in opposition to what I say and what I sincerely believe.

This was not the general election in the race for Joe Biden’s vacated senate seat so the candidate has her work cut out for her.  What support I can offer will be gladly put forth.  To do otherwise is to shame both the Tea Party and the Republican Party.  In a primary election, the time to debate the qualifications of the candidates is before—not after—the election.  Several highly ranked figures of national importance have failed to recognize this essential truth.  The RNSC went so far as to claim detachment from O’Donnell in moral and financial support for her.  Saner heads prevailed and they withdrew their alienation on both counts.  What are they, nuts?  It’s not like this is the first time they ever had a favorite candidate lose.  Even my guy, Castle, claimed he wouldn’t support her in the general election.  Grow up and get with the program people. 

The Tea Party, rightfully, claims enormous success in defeating entrenched career politicians in this run-up to the general election in November.  Specter, Murkowski, Bennett, and now Castle, to name a few, have fallen to an energized edition of “we, the people.”  Current polling numbers indicate many governors and candidates for the congress are also running behind.  One can only pray that a photo of the new body will be devoid of recognizable faces.   With congressional approval numbers in the basement struggling to get out of the teens it will be closer to the founder’s intent of citizen representatives.  What a welcome change that will be. 

Now is not the time for childish piques and second guessing the voters.  A master politician, FDR, is alleged to have said: “He may be a SOB, but he’s our SOB.”  It is time to form four-square behind the party’s choice and do everything in our power to elect these people.  We the people and the nation can ill afford to do otherwise.  

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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