Friday, May 7, 2010

Piling It Higher and Deeper

Representative Andre Carson, (D-IN, 7th District) is one of the congressional black caucus who has “distinguished” himself by continuing to claim overt racism on the part of Tea Party protestors. In a staged parade from the house office building to the capitol on March 20th, he and others in that caucus went in search of a racial component in the crowd surrounding the capitol. When the search proved fruitless, they did what Democrats do best—they made up a compelling story.

Rep. Carson claims a strong background in “intelligence” prior to taking his grandmother’s seat in Congress. He was with Homeland Security prior to seeking his present position. That would be the same Homeland Security which identifies military veterans, cookie packing grandmas, and just about anyone who disagrees with the current administration as a “terrorist.” His “intelligence” background allows him to ignore such gentle figures in our midst as Abdulhakim Mujhad Muhammad (Little Rock,) Nidal Malik Husan (Ft. Hood,) Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab (Detroit,) and Faisal Shazad (New York City.) Each of the former participated in acts of terrorism which had the potential for or the actual taking of the lives of American citizens.

As one of only two Muslim members of this congress, is it possible that Rep. Carson could have some personal motive to avert his eyes when an Islamic terrorist is bent on the destruction of our county and its citizens? He chooses to ignore the fact that there is little hard evidence of any white supremacist group which is actually responsible for a terrorist act in our country. Avoiding the data, he claims that they are the “greatest threat.” This fits nicely with our current policy at the federal level of not identifying any Islamic effort to disrupt our national purpose and serenity by those with affiliation to that group.
Hear Rep. Carson in his own words outline his observations on the threats to the security of the nation on this You Tube piece. It’s well worth your time and it’s a short clip. Take a look and see just what Rep. Carson thinks about you, the people

It is imperative that we recognize those who would destroy America and not continue to allow them to infest our higher legislative bodies and positions of power. It is our personal responsibility to understand who is representing us and make whatever changes are necessary to alter the make-up of those bodies. Barring that, it is obvious that none of us will recognize the government which made this country the most exceptional in the world.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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