Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 145

Proverbs 31; you want a wife, this is the place to go for the particulars. You want to be a perfect wife; go there and learn how. The chapter is attributed to Lemuel, with the Lord’s direction, and, if you think about it, pretty much covers all the bases. One hardly needs to change the archaic language to fully understand the modern application to present day life. My thanks go to Lee Parsons for demonstrating the parallels to current marriage in his mother’s day sermon..

On Saturday night preceding, we had the traditional “Mother-Daughter” dinner in the fellowship hall decorated in advance by the “committee” in grand style. The meal—delicious fundamental Missouri—was prepared, served, and cleaned up after by a group of the men of the church. It was the twentieth plus recurrence of the event. Your host took the dual role of plate loader (butter dipped corn-on-the-cob) and then dishwasher. I was surrounded by men more than willing to assume the responsibility to see the ladies well-fed and duly appreciated. The event had speakers, recognitions of achievement, skits and rounds of laughter and good fellowship. The final feature was the strawberry shortcake for the crowd of nearly a hundred who attended. It was yet one more successful occasion.

Presidential “Duh”

We have long celebrated the missteps, gaffes, and faulty “logic” of our leadership regardless of party. Some is misdirection as a result of biased media reportage and some is a result of intellectual shortfall on the part of the politicians. This past week we have a series of comments from the office of the president which are, on their face, viable entries in the “derby of the dumb.” Savor these observations and understand the man we have elected as the leader of the free world.

“I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

The man who once told his followers to “get in their faces” now says “this kind of vilification and over-the-top rhetoric closes the door to the possibility of compromise.

From the man who once declared war on Fox News now says “the practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship.”

After decrying “vilification and over-the-top rhetoric,” Obama says “that helped to create the tea-baggers.”

“We can’t start singling out people because of who the look like, or how the talk, or how they dress, when AZ law doesn’t do those things.”

The days have long past when a politician can go out and mount a lonesome stump in the hinterlands and pretty much say anything which comes into his “squash.” Those who would change their mind every day to conform to current events are defeated by the “SAVE” command on every computer. Thus, reported remarks are recorded for future reference and easily come back to bite them on the posterior. One click on that command outdoes even the very best of memory.

At the worst, not only do we hear ill-chosen remarks but thanks to the various video sources, we can air the culprit actually making the remark and also isolate the audience. Like so many attitudes current in this administration, the president assumes–apparently—that his computer is the only one so equipped. The media are notoriously lacking in this regard but the bloggers are well equipped.

Another “Bush-Hitler” Halliburton Connection

Oops! I apologize for the error. This time it’s not “Bush-Hitler” but the Obama administration which allowed the half billion dollar no-bid contract. KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root) was formed by the unification of M.W. Kellogg Co. with Halliburton’s Brown and Root which has long been the recipient of government contracts abroad as far back as WWII. They specialize in construction contracts in dangerous venues.

The continuation of this relationship is noteworthy not only because of the criticism leveled against Halliburton over our last few wars but another significant reason. KBR is a non-union contractor! Apparently this is a case of one group of folks who are willing to do that which some other “Americans are unwilling to do.”

The “Harvard-ization” of America Continues

With the announcement of Elena Kagan as the Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Stevens we find yet one more person from Harvard rising within this administration. She was easily confirmed as Solicitor General and appears to be a shoo-in for the spot on the court. The current fear is that she may not possibly be as far left as some would find comfortable. They go so far as to suggest she may even be a “closet” conservative. If so, she has kept that particular closet door nailed shut, sealed, and it becomes the best kept secret in Washington, D.C...

She will not go into the confirmation process with threats of prior judicial opinions being used to her detriment. She has none! One must have served as an actual judge to have those historic decisions recorded. Although the Republicans will put up a fuss, the likelihood of defeating the nomination is a vain hope and one can only anticipate who’s next from the Harvard faculty to take her place as Solicitor General at the Justice Department. Don’t worry though; there are enough leftists at Harvard to provide an endless supply for the government.

Allee Bautch Attack with No Suspects?

The continuing reports on progress in the Allee Bautch case are continuing to be conspicuously missing. New Orleans’ police reports on the savage attack on her and her boyfriend stopped about three weeks ago and we have heard nothing in the news about their progress.

Surely there is someone in the NOPD who has some tidbit of evidence on the identity of the perpetrators. If one Googles the name; there is nothing much of current interest there on either the suspects or the condition of Ms Bautch or her friend. Is no one else surprised that a collection of governors could meet at a prominent restaurant for a major fundraising event in the French Quarter and not have some sort of protective security available to them?

This event will then join the disastrous ($1 billion) flood in Nashville which the media has largely ignored. Harm to “red state” inhabitants is just plain “non-news” to the liberal press. Unless it can be blamed on Bush or the Tea Party it is insignificant.

And finally

According to the Weather Underground the ridge will experience a few days of cold and intermittent rain this week. That means that our attention will be turned to inside jobs to continue to restore order to the property. We rejoice that we have utilized the pleasant weather to getting a great deal accomplished outside recently.

The peonies are on the verge of blooming; the roses are budded as well; all of the grass is neatly trimmed; the trees are fully leafed; the grapes are dutifully climbing; the birds are gorging at the feeder; and, with rain present and with more on the way we shall sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. God is good. As the late Jack Jones used to often say: “Everyone should have as much.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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