Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Political Correctness Run Amok

Nowhere has there been a better demonstration of these phenomena than the reaction of public figures regarding attacks on the nation by Islamic extremists. As each of the continuing parade of incompetent attackers of the nation unfolds their bizarre plans (exploding underwear, firecracker ignition systems, etc.,) we hear high public officials shifting assertions of blame to far less dangerous suspects. Most recent is Mayor Bloomberg’s remark about displeasure with Obama’s health care pogrom triggering outrage sufficient to threaten the people in Times Square with wholesale death and destruction.

I truly believe that it all starts in early childhood development when, as parents, we use a laundry list of euphemisms for unpleasant aspects of human existence. Who has not used the traditional #1 and #2 rather than accurately describe common bodily functions? Have we referred to a grandparent or friend as “taking a long trip” or “going to live with Jesus” (which may well be a reality) thus avoiding articulating life’s most significant outcome—death? It is little wonder that raised in such an unrealistic environment, our children never become adults prepared to confront life head on and face up to actual problems and realities.

As usual, a commenter, on Roger Simon's blog (#20 Banjo,) came up with the perfect evaluation of our current condition and its source:

“Political correctness, a virus first identified during Stalin’s murderous tyranny, infected the academy in this country twenty years later. The professorate passed it on to a generation of students who then carried it to the highest levels of government and Corporate America. It blinds the eye and silences the tongue. It robs the will and steals a nation’s courage. It leads to civilizational surrender and then death. We’ve entered the end stage with paralysis beginning to spread.”

Re-read that brilliant observation and savor it for the sure identification of the problem and the prediction of the outcome. His (her?) use of the word “paralysis” in the last line accurately describes what we may expect from a collective use of political correctness as our guide.

Perhaps the most disappointing response to the Times Square incident is that of Fox News. Their use of their most hysterical commentator, Geraldo Rivera, and constant program interruption for “no news” could best be described as a fool’s errand. His jubilant observation of “white”, constantly repeated, took on racial overtones and lessened the value of his report. Had the plot succeeded, the blood spilled would have been the same color from every victim. You don’t need a news anchor to imagine or remember the size of the crowd in that particular location.

NYPD did a praiseworthy job in basic police work to locate the principal suspect in the case in a timely manner. Unlike a night-time cat burglar, he was operating with little expectation of privacy and left substantial clues behind to track his activity. The professionals at NYPD simply did the job they are trained to do, without fanfare, and were apparently successful. The apprehension at the airport with the destination of Dubai was simply icing on the cake. The war on terror has produced few heroes but these folks rank very high.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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