Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tea Party Express – Drilling for Freedom

The Quick Trip Center at the Tulsa Fairgrounds was a perfect site for the visit by the Tea Party Express. On the tour from Nevada to Washington, D.C. on tax day (April 15), Tulsa was wedged between Topeka, KS and Little Rock, AR. The busses drove inside the huge exposition building to greet 1000+ rock solid conservative protesters of big government and recent actions by the congress. An early morning rain had convinced the organizers that the crowd would be more comfortable inside rather than in the shadow of the iconic “Golden Driller” standing in front of the building.

In general and not surprisingly, the theme was one of absolute disgust and discontent with the recent developments in Washington, D. C. The crowd was not isolated in one age group, as many I have seen, due to the presence of young children, young couples and many in the middle age bracket. The older demographic (mine!) was strongly present but no more than equally vocal in their protests. Here an apology is offered for our ineptitude on being abe to transfer pictures.  No body ever accused me of being a geek.

Although not as traffic stopping as the assembly in Searchlight, NV, the crowd probably did exceed 1000 and was equally as enthusiastic. Diversity was very much apparent and the polite crowd showed no signs of overt hostility and tolerance and respect ruled the day. The Oklahoma Black Caucus was well represented and provided an excellent speaker and one of the crowd favorites from the Express was Lloyd Marcus. Interestingly, after I took his picture, he suggested that we have someone take a shot of two of us. He definitely looks better in the picture than your host.

The crowd area was ringed with booths with both conservative candidates for office and vendors hawking shirts, signs, books, flags, and other appropriate paraphernalia. During the presentation by the Express crew, they involved the crowd as much as possible in songs, dance and just general hootin’ and hollerin’.

All in all, it was a fabulous day and one you should not miss it if you have the time and resources to attend. You will be amazed at the cordiality of the Tea Party Express group and the attendees as well.

Thank you Tulsa for being the gracious hosts you were.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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