Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Socialism !!!

Get used to it!! This is a word which you might as well get accustomed to using. No matter how repugnant it is to believe that it would ever be used to describe our government, it is now appropriate. As a former citizen of a free republic, I resent being part of any nation which has turned to socialism. Had I moved intentionally to China, Russia, or any of the other socialist republics I could have easily assigned the blame—to me. That was not the case; this change in governmental style came to me and as easily as a raging stream engulfs a rock. To complete the analogy, I can only conclude that we need fewer rocks and more dams.

If you have been honing your Rip van Winkle act for the last fifteen months, please note we have socialized the banks, nationalized industry, socialized health care plus the environment, and have stopped just short of changing the words to the National Anthem. We have, with lightening speed, turned the home of the brave into the hovel of the wuss. The only adequate excuse that is comprehensible is that the entire program has been unbelievably rapid. Only the absence of the rumble of tanks prevents the description: blitzkrieg. In other words Rip; you’d better wake up to this ongoing threat to America.

The good news is that fragmentary remnants of our constitutional republic remain to halt this scourge. The founders in their wisdom provided the tools to not only resist, but also to soundly defeat the, so far, successful effort to alter our governmental system. However we, meaning all citizens, must first firmly and absolutely identify the problems we face. We must immediately stop using the euphemisms the leftists prefer. Health Care is nothing of the sort; it is socialized medicine. The seizure of General Motors was not a bailout; it was the nationalization of a private industry. Almost every step attempted or accomplished by the president and the congress for the past fifteen months has had socialization as its goal.

The reason for the all-out attack on the moral structure of the Tea Party movement is the realization by the socialists that “these people get it.” By hurling accusations of racism, sexual epithets, class distinctions, and other specious claims they attempt to discredit that movement by the people which poses the only dire threat to their nefarious ends. Absent a conspicuous leader and organizational structure, the great body of the people utilize the power granted it by our constitution. The key weapons in the struggle are the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The salvation of the republic necessarily lies in those guarantees. If this nation is to be saved it will be through the exercise of those rights by individual citizens. No other remedy is available.

From the formation of the republic, every historic crisis our nation has faced has been met by the resolve of its citizens, once they firmly identified the problems. Although we are peopled by a complex polyglot of mixed nationalities, races, and backgrounds, we enjoy the commonality provided by our God given rights outlined in the constitution for each and every person. It is our duty as citizens, to inform our fellows of the severity of the current crisis. Each must commit to those principles that have served us so well for two and quarter centuries. We must clearly understand our rights and insist upon them. Barring that we shall sink into the depravity which is a socialist and eventually a despotic existence.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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