Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil Drilling, Troop Visits and Polling

Over the last few days we have had two separate situations which involved revelations designed more to enhance poll numbers than forward the goals of the country. The first was the trip to Afghanistan to visit the troops by the president. He was on the ground for about six hours the night he arrived. At least two hours of that was spent with the country’s leader. Other time was spent with our government officials which left less than two hours to visit with the troops and the customary photo op. No mention was made of any consultation with the commanding general in the theater. The conclusion then must be that the primary purpose of flying half way around the world was for the sole purpose of advancing his position in the polls. That is a huge carbon expenditure for 2 lousy points on Rasmussen.

The second matter had to do with the announcement that he would no longer be a party to restricting vital exploration and recovery of crude oil in the water off our coasts. The waters covered in the announcement were off the Virginia coast in the Atlantic, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north slope of Alaska. What made the notice ingenuous was it was not accompanied by his assurances that he would curtail the activities of concerned federal agencies which have acted in opposition to oil recovery. If the EPA is not appropriately constrained from interference in the proposed up tick in activity, the proposal is left flapping in the breeze. His words have no impact if these agencies are not held in check as well; and he knows it. The cheap shot worked because the result was, the “strongly disapprove” number sank to -8 on Rasmussen.

I must confess that this endless campaign mode is really getting tiresome.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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