Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sixth Annual Puppy Bowl

It’s that time of year again. This coming Sunday, Animal Planet will host a renewal of what has now become a classic; The Puppy Bowl. Back by popular demand, from those who are either bored or have a natural dislike for football, NFL style, we offer a refuge for you. When the addicts in your house grab the chips, the beer, and their rowdy friends and head for the living room to watch the brute struggle for supremacy between Indianapolis and New Orleans just tell them you opt out. Go to the kitchen/bedroom/den or the garage if necessary and watch the rough and tumble of the competing Bowl game.

You will have an opportunity to watch some extremely natural rough and tumble action where the score doesn’t matter as much as the actions of the players themselves. It has become a “must watch” for football widows nation wide. The unpredictability of the players is hilarious and includes actions which would get them kicked out of the NFL. The show will be in progress from the pre-game to the wrap-up of the NFL contest.

In the following picture you can see one of the officials ejecting a player for unsportsmanlike conduct in a previous Puppy Bowl. Ever vigilant, the officials are among the best in the game.

Another annual treat from the Puppy Bowl will be continued this year with the presentation of the Kitty Half Time Show. As the puppies take a break and plan for the second half, the kitties take the field for your entertainment. They are a pretty cute bunch so don’t miss a minute of the half-time festivities. No worries here about a wardrobe malfunction—their outfits fit well and are very secure.

The penalty flags will be replaced by some Handi-wipes to mop up after any infractions, plus they will also provide a water bowl cam for a view from the bottom. In addition the Animal Planet has promised some bunny cheerleaders and a blimp full of hamsters to add to the festivities. A special addition will be five puppies rescued from a Missouri puppy mill.

Keep in mind the 180 minute show will air directly opposite the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. On our DISH cable, we get Animal Planet at 184 on the remote. I have no difficulty predicting the winner of this affair—it will be you. Get ready for nearly three hours of thrills and spills to keep you entertained.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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