Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Rant 130

We have, so far, survived the storm, and have about 7 to 8” of snow left to show for it. Since there’s not much in the forecast, we thank God for being spared. This is our seventh year here in the Ozarks and our little oak forest has taken its lumps over that time. I suspect that the fact that I have two freshly sharpened chains for the saw, plenty of gas mixture and chain oil, will be the insurance we need to prevent having to use it. It was purchased during the ice storm three years ago and I wore the “new” off it in the first week. If you’re curious, it’s a 20” Stihl Farm Boss, weighs as much as a two-year old kid, and, can be just as balky. But, like the kid, I really do love it.

Even though Granny worked all night, we still made it to church over icy roads and thoroughly enjoyed Bob Clark’s morning sermon. I’ll admit to slight nervousness when he made reference to the judgment before the Great White Throne. I’m certain we’ll make it that far but as Bob pointed out, we can’t be sure we’ll pass that hurdle. He did offer some suggestions which should make it easier.

An Alarming Discovery

This morning’s daily rounds of the blogosphere drew me to Atlas Shrugs and a post by Pam Geller. It provoked a sad memory of an experience I had repeatedly while I was in Germany in the early fifties. I was reminded of those I met who had been forcefully enlisted in the Hitlerjugend. At the age of ten they were drawn in to the Jungvolk and at 13, transferred to the HJ with the next step being, at 18, the army. Although the organization was para-military by nature, it was actually a function of the National Socialist Party and made official after the passage of the Youth Law in 1936. From the formal designation in 1932, it grew from a membership that year of 107,968 to 7,728,259 youngsters by the end of 1939. The training consisted of athletics, military arts, and mental conditioning to selfless devotion to Hitler and his goals.

The easiest way to understand the Nazi pathology is to Google the videos which capture the films of Leni Reifenstahl. She was the groundbreaking film maker who chronicled the rise of the 3rd Reich. Her films, for the time, were exceptional and earned her an unassailable reputation as the best of her time and the one to study for education in the documentary arts. In sight and sound she captured the Nazis in their sickest, most bombastic militarism in support of their socialist cause. She did 75 years ago what few today can match in documentary form.

During the rise of Hitler and what became an absolute dictatorship, the youth were a vital component and necessary for their success. The psychic keywords were self-sacrifice, unity of purpose, and devotion to leadership. In 1944, the final days of WWII, the Germans called upon the 12th Panzer Division which was made up exclusively of the kids of the Hitlerjugend. By that time, the western front was populated by battle-hardened men of several allied nations and the boys were no match for them.

This brings us back to the posting by Pam Geller which outlines current circumstances sanctioned and encouraged by Barack Obama to form a youth corps of his own here in the United States. In remarks earlier this year he stated that we should have such a thing with an enrollment and strength equal to the US military. Like much I read, when I saw that I said: “Yeah, right, that will never happen.” I was wrong. Not only did it happen but it is on-going.

Organizing for America is apparently the organization name for this program and in addition to Pam Geller’s remarks and endless links on the subject we have the syllabus for the internship program which is also available. After you click on the link and bring up Atlas Shrugs 2000, read Ms Geller’s remarks, then take a look at the OFA material which she has kindly included. Of special note is the reading list of out and out communists who are recommended. Please devote some time to absorbing this very revealing outline of what Obama has in mind for all of us and the means by which he plans to implement it. Keep in mind that what you see on the page was supplied by a school kid who actually received the material at a public school in Ohio.

You do not have to be a geezer who served in the occupation army in Germany sixty years ago to appreciate what is going on here. If you go to some of the links, you will have confirmation and enough information to terrify you. Part of recent legislation granted the Secretary of Education about $500,000,000 in discretionary funds to help promote this agenda. In today’s whirl of billions and trillions, 500 million is chump change (it figures to $1.50 per person) but it is enough to tip the scales toward participation in this vile program.

I beg you. Please go to the original and see for yourself. Once you have examined the facts personally, talk about it, complain about it, resist it, contact your representatives, write your letters to the editor, speak to school board members, call your brother-in-law, but, by all means necessary, keep this on the front burner. Also acquaint yourself with the idea that the reason he doesn’t care about how many congressmen fall by the wayside is simply because he wants to be a dictator. If you doubt this, name one member of the pre-war Reichstag. As long as Reid, Pelosi, Nelson, Bachus, Dodd, Frank, et al, get the job done which he wants—he doesn’t need them. He does not care. The narcissist-in-chief wants to be the top and only dog with any say-so. The reality is that he wants to destroy the United State of America. He’s no genius but he does recognize that kids are a significant avenue to reach that goal. Young voters were instrumental in getting him elected in the first place. History is on his side on that one.

And Finally

Last week I mentioned that we had more than several robins pecking away in the back yard. Just before the snow came, we looked out over the two-acre patch in front of the house and there were hundreds scattered over the grass. In my life I have never seen that many robins in one place. There was one about ever 8 or 10 feet from front to back and side to side. My bird books don’t say anything about numbers in migration so maybe it’s normal. It’s no big deal but if you have expertise here, drop me a line and let me know. No, I don’t know whether they flew south or north. We were probably abandoned because a neighbor had a better quality of worms. Not one was observed at the feeder. Watching birds does become addictive after a while.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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