Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Overheard in the Comments Sections

In anticipation of the State of the Union address, we, as usual, combed the comments sections for responses to what that speech entailed. Some of those folks get really mean and say ugly things about our president. Others, not our readers obviously, get all torqued out when they deny he is not the second coming of George Washington. Since each one is presented under an anonymous label, there is no attempt at attribution. Each was selected because of a measure of cleverness or humor.

1. “Owebama is right. He is the difference. In 94 Clinton had the brains to moderate his excesses. Himself is clueless and the party of aging communist theoreticians, labor bosses and racial spoils hucksters will go down with him.”

2. “The teleprompter is to help Bambi with his A-B-C’s presentation.

A is for affirmative-action.

B is for Blame Bush.

C is for Communism.

D is for dictator.

E is for entitlement.

F is really B-plus.

G is for Geithner.

H is for hustler.

I is for me, me, me.

J is for jiving ya.

K is for Kenyan.

L is for lame duck.

M is for madrassas.

N is for what I can say (but you can’t).

O is for me, me, me.

P is for poseur.

Q is for quota.

R is for race card.

S is for Sasquatch.

T is for teleprompter.

U inherit my wild spending.

V is for vacation, vacation,vacation.

W is my scapegoat.

X is Tiger’s private life.

Y am I still president?

Z is for zip, zerO-bama. ??

Now you know your ABC’s… riding Scare Force One sure beats doing work to me. ??”

3. “No one has accused Mr. Obama of being a "Bolshevik.” ?????

4. “The EGO has landed!” (Ed: This was my personal favorite.)

Later, while reading the comments on American Thinker, I was similarly impressed with some of the wisdom relative to an article by Henry Oliner, titled “Why Elitists Fail.” You will profit handsomely from reading Mr. Oliner’s article. You will ice the cake by going to the comments and enjoy the wisdom of his readers as well. A few that struck me as “stand alone” quality are repeated here.

“A while back, some Obama supporter got into a debate with me, telling me that two Harvard Law professors thought he was brilliant and the writer also offered that he thought Obama was a genius.

My reply was in two parts.

First I wanted to see Obama's law school transcripts to see what his other professors thought of him as well.

Then I said that Albert Einstein was a true genius, but I doubted if he could run a Burger King - or a US Air Force base. Could you see Albert walking around the air strips and hangers in his rumpled sweater?” --- Jack Kemp

“It's simple; a man that does not know what he does not know is a fool!”

“And I'd argue that the virtues and learned skill of ranching would probably make me more fit to govern in Congress than any one of our "so called" geniuses who think they should rule us. Now that I think about it, I am sure I'd have more skills to balance a budget and cut out lobbyists because I can smell cow .... a mile a way!” --- easttexasrancher

This may be what the founders had in mind. By using the collective wisdom of the citizenry, we reach conclusions more likely to be in concert with the will of the people and to their mutual benefit. Personally, I don’t believe I can afford to be led by a genius of any sort.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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