Saturday, July 11, 2009

The $18,000,000.00 Website

This one puts the $600 hammer to shame.

I fully realize that the website you are currently reading is faulty from time to time. Despite our best efforts, the rare (we hope) typo, occasional bad sentence structure and clumsy picture posting are a distraction from the commentary. Our massive staff – that would be Jan –doesn’t always observe the appropriate time lines for posting. Even the principal writer -- that would be me -- has lapses which produce unsupported positions and yes, sometimes shaky logic.

Through your indulgence, we manage to soldier on with a budget about $17,999,994.60 short (I spent $5.40 for batteries for the calculator) of what the web requires for its continued existence. The site, for the purpose of keeping you abreast of the federal government’s stimulus outlay, announced the need of the $18 million to keep things ship shape for next half decade.

I confess that as a “hick” in the Ozarks my view of the world of high finance is influenced by my surroundings. We are unsophisticated, bible-clutching, gun clinging, God fearing, redneck right-wing extremists using our existing resources and our limited imaginations to keep our web site up and running. Money is not part of the equation. We would continue to pay Dish for the connection if we did not post another rant. I’d keep it for FreeCell if nothing else.

Supposedly, every single thing on the website is a matter of public record. All persons with American citizenship should have free access to these figures and the disposition of the public monies. Government employees run the thing and require no additional salaries. No marble columned multi-story building is required to house the facility. You could probably do it on a lap-top and additional high powered servers would only be necessary if someone accidentally read it.

Will someone please tell me why they need 18 million bucks?

Don’t know do you?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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