Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally! He’s normal!

In an unguarded moment, “the one” let his aloof persona down and engaged in a perfectly normal reaction to finding his place on the steps with President Sarkozy. While some may smirk and point; I find his behavior the most natural and human (male) I have witnessed so far in his presidency.

It is a welcome change.

With the latest publication of the Rasmussen Reports, Index, it would appear he needs to take his pleasure where he can find it. It certainly won’t be in the latest numbers. We admit a point of consternation that the current result has been so slow in coming. Changing the American mind is a laborious task apparently.

Look at the chart again which measures the glacial pace of the accumulating numbers for strongly approve and strongly disapprove. The first entry was on Jan 20 and it has been nearly six months now. I attribute this to the massive numbers of separate issues involved. To trigger the “strongly disapprove” number, he has to commit to some policy near and dear to the heart of one of the poll respondents. It must also resonate with their opposite number by diminishing the “strongly approve” figure as well.

As with all his predecessors, he has found that “pleasing all of the people, all of the time” is not only an unattainable goal but especially impossible if one is unwilling to explain satisfactorily to the electorate what one is about. “Hope and change” will only carry you so far. Sooner or later some people will want to see the nuts and bolts of your proposals. Each failure to deliver quantifiable information rather than a sound byte can only result in diminished approval.

Every day presents a new opportunity to alienate yet one more segment. Given his narcissist nature, this would probably come as quite a shock to him to see these numbers – if he does? It is possible his sycophantic staff keeps him well shielded from this reality.

We, as a people, are fair and forgiving. We are prone to give every one a chance. It is our nature to wait a bit and see how things go before we lower the boom. This is not to say it is either good or bad—merely that it is. It is this American characteristic which has made watching these approval numbers accumulate so agonizing.

Obviously, some of us are more impatient than others.

I rejoice that finally, we have an electorate which is recognizing the problem and providing the tools to make a correction. Even if the president does not recognize it – and he doesn’t –others in the government do and will be less anxious to sign on to his ridiculous agenda for fear of their precious jobs. Our countrymen have proven themselves to be fearless on the battlefield but feckless in the halls of congress. Our representatives fear hostile voters far more than bullets and sense the danger in the air. Arrogance does not trump “yeas.”

Let us earnestly pray that the honeymoon is over.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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