Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Yep! Today marks the beginning of our third year. We managed to stay alive for two and no one is more amazed than we are.

After 448 posts and nearly a half a million words what is the result? Well for one, we love God more; and for the other, we love the government less. A suitable present to mark the occasion would be if someone could find that birth certificate.

Nearly 10,000 of you have clicked on Zion Beckons at one time or another and we thank you. Aside from the commenters, most of whom we know, other readers live in nearly every state (Where are you North Dakota?), and over twenty countries spread over each continent except the Polar Regions. Some of you routinely check in during the middle of the night; can’t sleep eh?

It has been an adventure for Jan and me. We view each reader as a valuable friend and fellow believer. We recognize your role in the blog and urge your continued participation.

As to the future; who knows what excitement it may bring? We shall continue to be opinionated lovers of God and supporters of liberty. As a reader, you are well acquainted with our existing views and it seems unlikely they will change—just the details.

Thanks again for your love and support.

In His abiding love,

Cecil and Jan Moon

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