Thursday, March 5, 2009


I received an email from a man I have known, ever more closely, for over ten years. In my opinion, he is deeply spiritual and a guiding light for my spiritual development. He has had many remarkable and memorable experiences with the Lord and has a desire to pass them on to others for whatever worth they may find in them. He has shared them with me that I might use them as I see fit. My decision is to share with others. This is the first of his emails to me:

“Sitting here Monday, checking out the news, scary is it not.. Clinton according to the TV made 220 promises and won with a majority; Bush made 170 and his victory was marginal. Obama made 530 promises and won with a land slide. He is already breaking them as he feels led.

I find my carnal self filled with fear, already my GM pension is on the chopping block, my dollars value has diminished 20% since Obama took office and the economy is poised to implode. THEN I remembered the Scriptures, they say "when you see these things happening, REJOICE!"

Now is the time for the Holy Spirit to be our hope. What hope is there in that? In the last fifty years this soul has accumulated over three hours of testimony. Testimony the carnal man despises. So now the Carnal man will start to sweat, but the Saint will rejoice. How are you doing? A good self examination will show if you are carnal or a Saint.

In the mid sixties I was in the Stone Church one Sunday afternoon, at a Prayer Service. I saw a frail old man bent over with age, using two canes to walk, come in and sit down, not too far from me. During the testimony portion of the service he struggled to get up, and when he was as erect as his feeble body would permit, there was a terrific 'Swoosh,' and the Holy spirit filled every nook and cranny of that room.

He spoke in tongues; it was more beautiful than any music I ever heard. My ears did not understand one word, but my bosom burned within me. Then he spoke in English, admonished those present that all our words were before God and recorded in Heaven. As he sat down there was another Swoosh and the Holy Spirit left as quickly as it came. That is the Holy Spirit in Power. I know it. I felt it.

Now that was a Prayer Service. I have witnessed similar occurrences three times in the thirty years I lived in Independence and again on a mountain top.

So as I reflected on that time, sorry, I am going to rejoice. Who knows? This might be the end of the Babylonian rule and the mark of the beast. There are no frivolous words in the Holy Scriptures--so rejoice!

For your information: If you can buy or sell you have the mark of the beast. Solomon collected 666 talents of God for the building of the Temple in one year. Nebuchadnezzar erected a golden statue which was 60 cubits tall and 6 cubits wide. The mark of the beast is on the frontlet between your eyes and on your right hand.

Moses put a mark on the house of Israel, on the frontlet between their eyes and on their right hand. He then told them as they 'meditated' upon the law of the Lord, and their right hand responded, that would mark them, their Sabbaths, their righteousness and their generations. One can meditate on how to earn more money, and put his right hand to work, consuming all his time according to his desire, or?

Well I am going to rejoice, and if you find any merit or useful information above, I would appreciate it if you sent it to all your friends, and they, their friends,

God Bless and lets all be together in Christ,


As he continues to forward his testimonies, it is my intention to share them with all of you. They will be assembled and be posted near the end of each week as they become available.

These are times when those gifted with closeness to God need to share that which they have witnessed and heard. It is not only uplifting for our spirits but in them bring us that much closer to the Almighty.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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