Friday, March 6, 2009


For those readers who are not older than dirt, let me acquaint you with an outfit which preys upon seniors. This organization, under the guise of helping older citizens, is little more than an arm of the socialist paradise-seeking loonies who are constantly trying to dilute the heady brew of a principled republic to further their destructive aims. Like many of their ilk, they never saw a government program they didn’t like.

Chris Muir of "Day by Day" has, as usual, managed to tell their story in very few words and a three frame cartoon strip. If you are not reading Chris, you are missing some of the most accurate and cryptic editorial commentary available on the net. It is my opening gambit each and every day. (Click on "Day by Day" above and go back to March 3.)

Part of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) membership is a subscription to the house organ: “The magazine, AARP.” It claims to be the “world’s largest circulation magazine." Along with the recipes and tricks to living on $13.00 a month in a crippling economy, we find thinly disguised politics and outright leftist propaganda. Famous oldsters are featured from a roster of “pinko” celebrity types and wasted Hollywood “has beens” whose main accomplishment now is the ability to sit in a chair and not drool. (Ed.—it’s OK, he’s nearly 77 and has earned the right to make this type of joke.)

I am not at all certain that the AARP gave birth to the “senior discount” but they near universally endorse the concept. I do believe that a large percentage of their membership belong for little other reason than having the “card.” It is the only justification I have and I know I’m not alone. If a $3.95 breakfast at Denny’s takes priority over a $trillion dollar bailout then this is the outfit to join—if you’re old enough (50!)

Their editorial content is largely and cleverly contained within articles and constantly presses a liberal agenda. Nowhere was our new “king” so adored as he was between (and on) the covers of this magazine and by the directors of this organization. Never mind that the outcome of his disastrous agenda will have an unhealthy outcome for their readership. When this all shakes out and the boom restarts the only conceivable result will be soaring inflation—the death knell for fixed income retirees. Having said that, I pray that I am wrong—but, I doubt it.

Awareness of the insidious propaganda so cleverly put forth in this bi-monthly publication is important for everyone. It comes cloaked in an aura of the benign purpose of helping seniors face problems in an ever more confusing world. It features articles and pictures of familiar personalities who have, like the rest of us, attained the age of eligibility and beyond to grace their pages and demonstrate how they continue to be useful citizens. Who is not delighted to know that Patrick Duffy (Dallas,) Vicki Lawrence (Mama,) and Jessica Lange all just turned sixty and are still grubbing for the almighty dollar. Apparently none of them read the article on “how to enjoy early retirement.” Personally, I enjoyed each of them in their “hay day” but their attainment of advancing age only reminds me that I too am gaining ground on the reaper.

Am I suggesting you cancel your membership in a snit of conservative outrage? Absolutely not! What I am espousing is the notion that, like every other publication, you should view it with a hyper-critical eye. If you are on their subscription list, you have been bought off by what is probably the absolute least expensive “slick” magazine on the market. Just like every magazine, give full thought and evaluation to every word you read and attempt to see the justification of the author’s opinion. Remember, the editorial staff gets big bucks to be more clever at agenda concealment than you, the reader.

Your best bet here is to file this under “a word to the wise”—you are old and wise, aren’t you?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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