Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Attack on Rush

Before we start, let’s establish that in my mind there is but one God and it’s not Rush Limbaugh. It is also not Barack Hussein Obama, nor any other man. The God of our fathers was clearly the Source for all that we hold dear in our nation and the Author of the liberties so well defined in our Constitution. Of the two aforementioned men, both clearly understand those liberties but only one espouses them to a fault while the other attacks them with equal vigor.

It is, so far, an ideological struggle—or is it? I cannot be certain just exactly how many babies were sacrificed today to satisfy the right of “choice”. If the rough estimates of a million deaths of the unborn per year are correct, and I’m sure they are, we can assume a two-day total of 5479 infant fatalities; greater than the total US military deaths in the War on Terror in its seven year entirety. You see, it is far cheaper and easier to kill the unarmed and unborn than to call in an air strike on the beheaders of radical Islam. These helpless souls also do not have the capacity for reprisal. I do not seem to recall Rush encouraging this slaughter. On the other hand, examining his rare voting record in both Illinois and the US Senate, and recent executive orders from his newly occupied oval office in the White House, Obama has firmly established his record as “baby killer-in-chief.” Ideology is one thing but the reality of death is quite another matter.

If that were not enough, we have other comparisons which are equally damning. The ongoing rape of the US Treasury, with the complicity of the Congress (in the vast majority, Obama supporters) and the transfers of wealth to the undeserving continue apace. These generous rewards appear to be only offered to those who have demonstrated incompetence, bad judgment, avarice, sloth and greed. Those Americans, who have played by the rules, worked their tails off, exercised prudent financial acumen and lived within their means have been the recipients of a plunging market brought about by a lack of confidence in our Washington “betters.” The comparative deficit numbers here are both mind boggling and mind numbing. Rush has lined up four-square against this travesty while Obama has been the author.

In the manner of Chamberlain, who sold out the lovers of liberty at Munich in 1939, our president has sought to appease our avowed enemies in what could be a fatal misunderstanding of their sworn intent. Failure to recognize the level of hatred on the part of an enemy has long been a substantial part of the recipe for failure on the international scene. Rush is aware, I’m sure, that he (Obama) either doesn’t recognize that level of animosity or else is complicit in an attempt to abet their evil intent. Obama has long claimed to be the agent of change. Capitulation to sworn enemies of the United States would certainly represent that change and alter the lives of each and every American to a deleterious degree.

For those who love this country, its ideals and its principals; it is impossible to stand idly by as an observer and not speak out against this tsunami of intent to alter our national intention. It is not just Rush Limbaugh who recognizes that the changes which are in progress will destroy the nation sooner than later. Left unsaid here for the sake of brevity are issues of gun control, free speech, health care, education, enlistment of youth in a federal “corps,” energy exploration, voting rights, the census, and not least, the demonstrated lack of character of those cabinet appointees who can’t pass muster with their back taxes and associations with lobbyists. To wish for the failure of the implementation of some of these new “changes” would not only be patriotic but also sane.

In despotic societies, those who disagree with the policies of government resort to assassination. In a civilized nation, we speak out, protest, and resort to legal recourse to face evil intent. This type of behavior is consistent with the framer’s aims when the formal government was established over two centuries ago. Rush is simply responding to that which he recognizes as an attempt to totally restructure this country. In that regard, he desires the failure of these attempts. He is not “the last man standing” however; there are millions of Americans, many of whom have never sought him on the radio dial, who share his opinions.

As a final thought, consider this familiar line from the traditional marriage ceremony: “That which God hath joined together; let man not put asunder.” I am convinced that God directed those who wrote our original sacred documents. We should think long and hard before we allow those first principles to be “put asunder.”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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