Thursday, July 2, 2009

They’ve Had it Up To Here

Although we are all eventually made aware of cataclysmic events very soon after their occurrence, sometimes the event has sufficient nuance that it is not immediately apparent.

One such historic turn-around took place at the presidential news briefing in advance of “the one's” speech on the upcoming health care initiative. The principal issue is not the impending legislation but rather, the white house handling of the attempt to spoon feed the press.

In a reasonably successful effort to control the news media, they have typically offered an opportunity for submission of questions in advance of the event in order to cherry pick the “reliable” sources and thus control the resultant “discussion.” In the face of dwindling poll numbers indicating that now the president has fewer approval than disapproval ratings, we seen a greater—if that’s possible—effort mounted to control the media.

How appropriate on the run-up to one of our most important national holidays—one which commemorates our acquisition of God given liberty—we see the press finally come alive and object to the obvious control exerted on them. View this tape for yourself and enjoy the forever flustered Robert Gibbs attempt to fend off the watchdogs of freedom who understand the word transparency.

Among those most insistent in their objection to the high-handed procedures in place for “town-meetings,” is a very familiar figure: Helen Thomas. Yes, you read it right, Helen Thomas. She was downright adamant in her remarks about the procedure. She was the last person in the press briefing room I had expected to join in support of those objections. Is it possible that she is indeed obligated by a life long tradition in the press to understand their role in our convoluted apparatus of government? Now follow words which I thought I would never write: Helen Thomas, I salute you for rising to thwart the insidious threat to our First Amendment freedoms and the courage to pursue the issue.

I truly believe that this day may well mark a turning point in our immediate history. The lap-dog attitude of the fourth estate regarding “the one” may change to actually reporting the news rather than mouthing platitudes about “his miraculous presence.” Whether this will translate to actual awareness on the part of the public as a result remains to be seen. It is definitely a chink in the armor of absolute control over the media.

The reason I find this such a landmark is the condition of a populace which appears to accept every word from their leader’s mouth as gospel. The insistence that these “town hall” meetings actually reflect honest questions based on actual concerns is vital to informing the people. Depriving the president of the opportunity to prepare occluded responses in advance can have a devastating affect on his agenda. For the first time in many months I see the possibility of deflecting the on-rushing socialist plague and a rising awareness of a country totally out of control.

Along with many others, our family has prayed for just such an occurrence of divine intercession in Washington, D.C. I am not being facetious in saying that I truly believe that only an act of God would bring Helen Thomas to protest the current procedures. I also acknowledge that I wish my faith were even stronger. One would think that the mounting evidence of divine intervention in my life through answered prayer, healing, and His many other gifts would convince me of his hearing. Why am I surprised? Have I not mastered the concept that God treats our prayers seriously?

This may then be a watershed moment not just for the country but also for this citizen. God has asked for my prayers. Obviously He listens. Please join me in continued prayer for the restoration of this marvelous country. I am convinced that this is our only option to return the republic to its former God-given purpose.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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