Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 98

Amidst the growing pile of outrageous political action nationally and the unseasonable heat we have had here in the Ozarks, our irritation levels have accelerated. Last night we gained some relief from the latter with a welcome thunderstorm and about a half inch of rain. Our dear Maggie, at sixty pounds, sought relief from the terror of the thunder by joining Jan and Gus and Boss and me on our bed. She assumed a defensive position beside my wife at 3 am and prepared for a long night to protect us. Or, was it the other way around? Soon the gentle sound of the blessed rain lulled us all to sleep and it didn’t really matter.

Don’t mess with granny

Someone sent this link about an Oregon grandmother and her remarkable record with her car. She and her Caliente have been together for over forty-five years and covered the distance of nearly twenty-one trips around the world. Yes, over 540,000 miles of normal service with no major repairs.

There is much to learn here not only about cars and car care but also outlook on life and self-reliance. My hat is off to her and yours will be too. Don’t miss this one.

The end of the good news

It’s difficult to summon up the words to describe the action of the House of Representative this past week. On a vote of 219-212 they passed the Cap & Trade legislation with the complicity of nine Republican representatives. This will result in a tax—that is the only proper word—on your energy costs which will remove an additional $2000 per year minimum from your already strained budget for no real purpose other than a feel good offering to the gods of global warming.

It now faces passage in the Senate to become law. If you are against further government intrusion into the lives of Americans, it is not too late to contact your senator and express your opinion. Trust me they are listening; if for no other reason than the desire to be re-elected.

In rough numbers, the bill ran to over 900 pages with an amendment of 300 additional pages introduced at 3 am the day of the vote. I submit that it is impossible to read 1200 pages of material and become even vaguely familiar with the content in the available interval. I fully realize that they think they are geniuses but I do believe we all know better.

The Grim Reaper calls

Some really well-known people have been called to their reward in the last month. Out of morbid curiosity, research revealed a comprehensive list of the famous, the near famous and the infamous who have checked out since the first of the year.

The most recent, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Farrah Faucett, and David Carridine come quickly to mind. Gale Storm requires some age to remember but Billy Mays, the pitchman for OxyClean came as the biggest surprise. Age and life style often precipitate death as does the presence of a fatal disease. Mays just had a heart attack and died.

A few more since the first of the year caught my attention: Bea Arthur, Ron Silver, Dom Deluise, Ricardo Montleban, Molly Bee and curiously Jimmy Boyd (one recorded the original song and the other carried it to fame: “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”) and my son’s favorite Las Vegas act: Danny Gans.

There were many others as well which you would probably recognize but I omitted politicians, business people, musicians generally, community organizers and porn stars. As age becomes a fact of life, I become more sensitive to those who, although much younger than I, have departed. Jackson, Faucett, and Billy Mays become obvious: their average age at death was about 50. This prompts me to attempt to understand the mind of God.

We are obviously dealing with an intelligence (God’s) which defies explanation or understanding and its immense scope becomes baffling. Medical science notwithstanding, I truly believe that when He calls, you go. This does not necessarily call for acceptance of pre-destination because that would deny the Almighty the option to change His mind as we develop. One wonders what special purpose or possibly impatience brings about an otherwise premature end.

I suppose if it matters to you or to me, perhaps it would be a good idea to repent, behave, seek him and possibly be in a position at some future time to clear up the mystery. Just sayin’: it can’t hurt. For all of them, we pray: rest in peace.

Tea Parties

The tea party list has now grown to 505 nationwide. All are planned for the 4th of July weekend and I hope you are prepared to attend one. It appears we have two to attend and plan on doing both. As a reminder, they are all listed here by state.

And Finally

Last night’s shower was the first since the last “Rant.” Our daytime highs have been hovering in the 95° to 99° range with constant sun and very few clouds. It is safe to say that the snow is about gone from the north side of the shed. (Never mind; it’s an old, not too funny, inside family joke.) This week we built a raised rock bed about 10’ long for our azaleas and the asters. The balance of the time we allowed for being out doors has been devoted to dragging two different 150’ hoses from bed to bed.

It’s all worth it though when each new plant blossoms in its own way and delights the eye. After the rain, we noted the grass had grown inches and the mowing started again. Just what I have always dreamed of: I’m a full time gardener. I’m just doing the job that other Americans won’t do.

I would add a bird to the bird list if I could get the critter to settle down long enough to make a positive ID. She is some kind of wren and flits in and hides in the rafters on the deck to build a nest. She does not trouble the feeder but just continues to bring detritus from the yard up for building material. If I can ever be certain, I shall list her for your interest.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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