Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin—Stepping Down From Governor—Or?

With a stunning announcement from Wasilla, Sarah Palin says she will leave the governorship of Alaska on July 26. She formally made a statement in that regard with a riveting set of remarks reprising accomplishments, difficulties, and few hints as to what the future may hold.

As a matter of full disclosure, I personally find her the most enervating, uplifting, straight forward and energetic politician I have seen since Reagan. In a word I am prejudiced in my opinion.

I have listened to the talking heads from all sides of the political spectrum and concluded that those who dislike her—from both extremes—are those who are married to the Eastern establishment. They are very offended by her direct honest approach without the affectation of Ivy League compromise and “old-boy” associations. They can’t abide her homely speech, her lack of 1st tier college background, her unabashed faith and her absolute disdain for huge government. Most of her critics are just one more “You betcha” from going completely bonkers. Being an absolutely devoted wife and mother doesn’t help her in the opinion of the establishment snobs.

I claim no credit for reading political tea leaves but this one seems fairly obvious. As she explained in her remarks she does not want to burden Alaskans with the extraneous problems brought about by the lunatic fringe. Although she was not as direct, she recognizes that they can’t abide the idea of a gorgeous, accomplished mother of five, with a clear unprejudiced view of the national scene. The shallowness of criticism has reached shameful proportions and has proven a distraction from governing effectively. It can only get worse as I predict she will seek higher office again.

Although she did not mention it, from personal family experience, I know that even in a large loving family, the care of a Downs baby creates excessive demands on a mother. For whatever reason, these blessed children seem to find other health concerns which exacerbate their obvious difficulties. It does not, however, keep them from being the most loving of children. One can easily understand the wishes of a mother who wants to give such a child more time, care and love. Even with caring siblings, there is no substitute for the mother’s touch. Another year or so older will find Trig becoming progressively easier to care for.

With her approval rating as governor of Alaska in the high 70’s she will step down a winner. She has accomplished enough to establish her leadership credentials. The most recent achievement being the signing of all parties on the gas pipeline—one of the largest non-government entities in the history of the two countries involved. With the events of the last year or so, it is constantly refreshing to hear a straight talking political figure who is concerned for the people and not her personal self-aggrandizement.

You go, girl!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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