Thursday, June 25, 2009

What a Mess!!

There are more than a few things which are stuck in my craw this morning. Not necessarily in order of importance—they are all important—but just as they come to mind.

We continue to find ABC firmly established as our new Propaganda Ministry in the White House. Typically, the keepers of the “truth” are shunning any input from all counter arguments to the complete takeover of the health care programs. I can easily see why “the one” would choose to have the pros at ABC airing his talking points instead of the nearly totally inept press secretary, Gibbs. In fairness; repeating falsehood, denial and covering for the boss can’t be a fun job for the press secretary. Despite accusations concerning Charles Gibson’s sleeping accommodations at the White House and changing in-house venues on a near constant basis, the message remains the same: we won and we will do as we please. Separation of church and state is a viable concept. How about, we try separation of media and state. Better yet, butt out and let the people decide their own destiny for health care.

For those firmly ensconced in the “if you don’t like the weather wait and it will change” school we have this unsurprising discovery. The lawyer for the Competitive Enterprise Institute commented on the stifling of documents from the Environmental Protection Agency:

“This suppression of valid science for political reasons is beyond belief,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. “EPA’s conduct is even more outlandish because it flies in the face of the president’s widely-touted claim that ‘the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over.’”

Apparently Kazman is not on any schedule for kick-backs when the infamous “cap and trade” scheme is implemented. It would be enlightening to learn how many officials in DC have invested their cash in environmental stocks to take advantage of this suppression. I’ll bet Al Gore is on board as usual. He who lives in a home which is a green disaster never saw an inside deal he could turn down. I would be concerned about libel here except that every part of the preceding sentence is extremely easily documented.

Moving on in the interest of being an equal opportunity critic of both parties; what in the world was Mark Sanford thinking? The governor of South Carolina ( R ) has brought shame to the concept of matrimony, disgrace to the political establishment in his home state and personal abandonment of any further political future. In a solid admission of his errancy, he has verified his involvement with an Argentinean woman. About the only thing left unsaid in the matter is what’s wrong with American women. Do you really have to fly 6000 miles to find a woman who’ll accept you?

If you missed the details of the Walprin firing I suggest you click on this link. It will bring you up to date on the attempt to thwart the Inspector General’s findings on the mayor of Sacramento and his dealings with AmeriCorps. From a practical coincidence I can fully understand the workings of the 77 year old mind. Their blatant obfuscation of the inquiry would have been enough to throw him off his game by its audacity. The poor fool was operating under the impression he should be doing his job. Obviously, a man of character and principle is a toxic presence for the current administration.

I continue to believe that the objection mounted on the entire Sacramento thing, while the investigation is legitimate, is only a cover up for the mess in NYC with CUNY. That one is measured in millions as opposed to the “chump change” in Sacto. If that IG is persistent; expect another firing.

So for July 4th, 474 locations have scheduled Tea Party protests. Some will be small local affairs with little significance and some will be huge in comparison. In Atlanta , where the organizers anticipated at least 20,000 showing up, the event has been cancelled. It appears that the property where it was scheduled belongs to a heavy Obama contributor and sympathizer. By invalidating the permit, the people’s voice may be stifled, and this major metropolitan area could be deprived of their right to speak out..

Simon Properties are the ones who cancelled and we found that they operate over 350 shopping centers and stores nationwide. For anyone who is interested in a mini-boycott in retaliation, here is the list of Simon Properties. The site is fairly easy to navigate and will easily produce the site of your closest mall. I guess I am just doomed to shop Wal-Mart for the rest of my life. Just kidding! If they don’t have it: I don’t need it.

Most of this was gleaned from this article which appeared on the Pajama’s Media website by Bob Owens.

I would like to think that now I have this all off my chest, my life will all be puppies, kitties, and lovely posies. The only consolation I have is that none of this affects my relationship with God—if I don’t let it—therefore, all will be well.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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