Friday, June 26, 2009

Powers That Be?

And who, pray tell, might that be?

John Conyers (D-MI) has indicated that the House Judiciary Committee has lost interest in the investigation of ACORN. When questioned, he responded: “Powers that be decided against it.”

This is an extremely powerful committee post in the House of Representatives. Obviously, he is not the grand poobah and is influenced by the agenda of others. However, given his seniority and high position as that particular committee chairman, there are an extremely limited number of persons who could exert influence. Offhand, only two in government office come to mind: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama.

Anyone who is alert enough to sit up and take gruel should be aware by now that this outfit operates 40% of its budget on federal funds. That would be at least $31,000,000 since 1988 and does not include block grants hidden in affiliates. For a look at their record I recommend you click here if your computer tolerates Adobe script. Otherwise, just Google “ACORN gov’t funds” and ruin the rest of your day.

Since you followed the above link you are now conversant with the tactics by ACORN to unduly influence elections. The law is clear (Federal Law US Code 18, chapter 1913) on the matter and prohibits lobbying with congressionally allocated funds and makes it a federal offense. The purchase of a single postage stamp with those funds for any electioneering purpose would qualify as a crime.

I suggest that the next time you are caught speeding through a village or apprehended filching a pack of gum in a convenience store you simply tell the officer that the “powers that be" have already decided on your innocence. Better yet, tell it to the IRS when you file a bogus return.

The only laws I can think of that deserve to be etched in stone are the Ten Commandments. All others have available legal recourse either to be overturned by a suitable court with appeal or, rejection by the governing body which enacted it.

By suborning his public trust as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to “powers that be.” John Conyers has assumed the posture of a mere lackey.

Are you about sick of all this yet?

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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