Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 97

What a great Father’s Day. My daughter sent a golf scorecard which showed Tiger Woods with a 73 and under “Dad”, a 73 also. Inside the card she guessed that it would be the very best “”tie” I could ever wish for. She does understand me!

Sunday morning at church with Jan, Lee Parsons was on his game and covered what the Lord expects from fathers. Had he left it up to me we would have been out of there a half hour earlier—just be like Lee. God expects us to live up to the title. Lee has certainly done so. He “fathers” his flock with great care and abundant love.

Priceless Headline

It appears that Washington , D.C. does not have the corner on “losing their marbles.”

“ Greece's New Acropolis Museum shines spotlight on missing Parthenon marbles “

IG Firing

As it now stands, the inspector general who found fraud in the mayor’s office in Sacramento over misuse of federal funds has finally been formally accused by the administration. They have trumped up a senility charge as a result of one meeting’s worth of garbled testimony.

There is little doubt that they would certainly recognize memory loss, confusion, and garbled speech. As confirmation take a minute and check this Youtube entry of “the one” for all you need to know about a baby who lost his “blanky”--read that teleprompter.

Let this serve as a reminder to those who still are deceived into believing that this man has any sort of gift for public speaking. He is a reader, albeit a talented reader, who is apparently incapable of any manner of original thought. As stated previously, my high school speech teacher would have roasted him on a spit for his disorganized mumbling and bumbling and sent him off to Harvard with an F in sophomore Speech.

The country’s in the very best of hands!?!

Pen Knives as Armaments

I can not possibly imagine either of my grandfathers dressing in the morning for any occasion be it grubby dirty work or church without dropping their pen knives in their pockets. My father, a Podiatrist surrounded with sharp instruments, carried a pocket knife every day of his life. When my dear wife’s father died, the family invited me to take a memento from his belongings as a memory. From items lying on the dresser top I chose his double bladed miniature folder which he had carried routinely. Recognizing the importance he placed on that fine piece of work I respect it as a private treasure which he valued.

Each of these men were upright members of their community, gentle, and the finest of citizens with no felonious intent or action to their names. They all shared the knowledge that a sharp blade at hand was an indispensable tool. They taught me as well to keep a finely honed edge close at hand for the common and numberless everyday uses.

I carry a Frost “ Cheyenne ” single blade folder with a 2 1/8th inch 440C Surgical Steel blade when I am around the place or on the road. For occasions that require that I use lesser bulk, I carry Dick Shepard’s (my late father-in-law) smaller and lighter knife. When I pass, I guarantee my son’s first question will be: “Where’s Dad’s knife?”
As if there were not enough insanity prevalent in the existing nanny state we have become I am lifting this entry by Dave Kopel in its entirety. This close to Father’s Day, this takes on all the more importance.

“From Dave Kopel:

Obama administration moves to ban 80% of folding knives:

Under the 1958 federal Switchblade Act, switchblade knives are not importable into theUnited States , and may not be shipped across state lines. On May 21, U.S.Customs & Border Protection (CBP) proposed the revocation of four previous Ruling Letters; the effect would be a drastic expansion of the definition of non-importable knives. The organization KnifeRights warns that revocations would outlaw approximately 80 percent of the current market in folding knives.

The federal law does not apply to the mere possession or carrying of knives, but as KnifeRights explains, many state and local bans on possession or carrying are parasitic on the federal definition. Accordingly, if the proposed Customs change goes into effect, many millions of people who own or carry pocketknives would instantly be defined as criminals.

The National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups have issued alerts about the proposed change, but the KnifeRights website is the key source for detailed information. Founded in 2006, KnifeRights is still a fledgling organization; they do good work, and I am pleased to be a member.

[Note: I added text to clarify that the 80% figure is for folding knives.]”

Further reading of some of the offered links will reveal that the ban will also include folding devices like my Leatherman Tool which opens to a pliers, screwdriver, awl, etc., etc., and finally a blade.

I had a lady threaten me with a skillet once. Since she was extremely skilled with that utensil, I wisely backed off and now await the banning process to save me from further threats of assault. Seriously, It does raise the question of just how much control can we as citizens of the United States endure?

The 4th of July

In thirteen days, Americans will celebrate the 233rd Independence Holiday . I have a suggestion: this year make a contribution to your country and attend one of 376 currently scheduled “Tea Party” events to lend your voice to those who protest the abridgement of our freedoms. If you will click here you will find a web site which locates each one, by state, which you can plan to attend. It gives the time, location, organizer, addresses, rough outline of the program and extra events. I guarantee you will never meet nicer people or be in a safer environment. Go, have fun, express yourself, enjoy and support the freedoms so many gave their lives to protect. Thank you. We’ll be in Springfield , MO , waving the flag and talking to anyone who will listen.

And finally

We had a couple of dogs visit our house this week. Jan discovered a mother with one pup left standing in the road as she went to work. Naturally, she called me to come pick them up. Come I did and brought them home to food, water and an all-out effort to find them homes. The mother had obviously had several more in the litter.

The puppy was about as precious as puppies get. Five weeks old and on the verge of being weaned, she now has a home in our local flower shop with the daughter of the owner. The mother was delivered to a nearby town to join a family who dearly love dogs. Although of unverifiable heritage, the puppy bore all the characteristics of a basset hound to be. She was cinnamon with white feet and a face to die for and she captivated every one who touched her.

From finding to final delivery we only had them forty-eight hours. I credit God for every aspect of the resultant success.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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