Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Full Day of Tea Parties

Who would have dreamed that a tea party could be such an uplifting experience? We went to Joplin to start the day at noon with those Jasper county folks. They definitely had their act together and gave a solid presentation of protest against the new Marxist and self-destructive actions from our congress. The solid emphasis was on tax revolt, the sacred value of the United States Constitution, the useful purpose of our military and a genuine, courteous, and friendly exchange among like-minded people.

They occupied the front steps of city hall and had the reassuring presence of the local police who apparently didn’t get the bulletin from DHS that we were a bunch of terrorists. About a thousand folks showed up with flags, posters, signs, handouts, and a patriotic spirit. We heard much of our country’s history reviewed and apt reminders of the words of our constitution. The sound system worked well and not one single ugly breech of conduct marred the occasion.

It’s a small thing but when we drove by after the rally we noted there was not so much as a gum wrapper left in evidence of the occasion. The crowd included dogs, babes in arms, teens, young adults and on through the geezer brigade. Their interaction was remarkable. All in all, I was very proud to be a part of this group of Americans who demonstrated their reluctance to give up their freedoms.

We drove back home for a break in the action and a chance to let our feet and legs recover from the walking and standing and then went to Springfield, MO. We made it in time to join them before 5 pm lined up along Chestnut Expressway across from the post office. Including those for turning, it is eight lanes of very busy traffic. Our group lined one side and the first sign the motorists saw was an invitation to honk in support. With a constant stream of “just got off work” traffic it was deafening as a result of near universal support for the protestors. The cars and trucks passed nearly 500 feet of individuals shoulder to shoulder along the curb waving, shouting and exchanging greetings with the traffic. It sounds rowdy but it was beautiful.

About a hundred fifty feet behind the curb, an impromptu stage had been set up with speakers and a full program of events. Liberty loving citizens shared in the prayers, songs, and speeches from a wide variety of participants. Some protesters were unwilling to give up their place at the curb and continued to attract the drivers on the expressway. All together it was generally like the one in Joplin but appreciably larger. Probably, the crowd could be measured some where north of 2000.

I can’t be sure what happened at all 7-or-800 other locations where Tea Parties were held but now that Jan and I have broken the ice we are anxious for the next one. Another rally is scheduled for Saturday in Springfield and I shall probably attend. It is a joy to be with those who understand our country: its greatness and its history.

If you have any tales of protests, I would really appreciate hearing about them. If you have the opportunity to attend one near you, do so with confidence. It is a singular experience. Come join us and experience a better side of America.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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