Friday, January 2, 2009

Globetrotters—A Comparison

One of the better comparisons of the 2008 campaign and the response of the press to anything negative about Barack Hussein Obama is one offered by “Ace of Spades” blog (not always safe for work or family viewing). He makes a fair comparison that the relationship between the press and Obama is very similar to that of the referees and the famous Harlem Globetrotters.

Prompted by an article in the Washington Times which named Obama the “Best Political Performance of 2008” he observes the similarity. In my varied history I have had a casual relationship with the Globetrotters and heartily agree with Ace.

I believe it was over New Years in 1991, (my memory is a little fuzzy here,) that I was assigned the “trip” by the Greyhound dispatcher. I took the motorcoach to Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, picked up the team, took them to the hotel and later returned to take them to the Bradley Center for the game. They graciously invited my wife and I to join them for the performance with seats in the section reserved for the player’s wives. The whole episode was a hoot and one of our cherished memories.

The “game” is pretty much a set piece against their daily rivals, The Washington Nationals. It is liberally laced with antics and athletic daring-do with a predictable outcome. I have often wondered how the Nationals, mostly on the fringes of players not quite ready for the NBA, can endure losing game after game. The referees constantly ignore normal foul situations such as traveling and lane violations to even the use of a small trampoline for a spectacular slam dunk. Since there is nothing on the line here except wonderful wholesome entertainment, nobody cares and a great time is had by all. This is one experience everybody should have in their life and yes, they are coming to a town near you very soon. The only downside is that you carry the theme of “Sweet Georgia Brown” in your head for the next month. I’m even whistling it as I type.

It is with this familiarity with the ‘trotters that I endorse the comparison. When those who have the responsibility to “referee” the proceedings turn a blind eye to every infraction, the result is inevitable. The historical role of the press has been to provide an unbiased view of our elections and government in general; a role which they abandoned with the advent of “the one.” In sports reporting and recording, victories such as his are normally accompanied by an asterisk to denote a variance from normal procedure. Time will tell.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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