Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning Rant 72

Oh what a beautiful morning. I can’t think of anything more delightful than watching the Chicago pols self-destruct before my very eyes. The whole circus, which is Daly’s world and “the one’s” cronies, is falling all over itself to see who is going to testify against whom. The feature attraction was Blagojevich’s appointment of Burris to the Senate. This action then brought the full ignorance and racial bad temper of Sen. Harry Reid out for the world to see. His claim of the ability to block the taking of the seat by the appointee is ridiculous. You can search the constitution, the statutes, or the phone book and the result will be the same; they can’t legally block him from assuming the seat.

Had the Illinois legislators (even more corrupt than the US Congress) done some actual work and passed a law barring it, the indicted governor would have been helpless. However, what with Christmas shopping, planning New Year’s parties, and taking bribes, they just couldn’t find the time. In a sense of fairness, I might point out that although the current principals are of the Democrat persuasion, Illinois politics is a bipartisan disaster.

The schadenfreude is overwhelming and, I might add, not really becoming to those of us who engage in it. A recent examination of the seven deadly sins on the History Channel alleged it was the equivalent of envy. Right or wrong, we all know that it is not healthy. After all, the failure of others, especially those who richly deserve it, is difficult not to cheer but I am afraid it is not pleasing to God

If that were not enough; in spite of having an abundance of experienced politicians and functionaries in New York, their governor, Paterson, is faced with demands from all quarters to continue the Kennedy dynasty by appointing Caroline to Mrs. Clinton’s now open senate seat. Teddy’s at death’s door and the rest are dead or in jail, so we are on the verge of running out of that precious commodity. Their traditional family ball game has turned into a game of catch. Just for fun, imagine a scenario of making that appointment and then watching the Senate fail to confirm Mrs. Clinton’s nomination for Secretary of State; what happens then? That is just too outrageous to even think of.

Through it all, “the one” has been consumed with wearing leis, surfing, and playing daddy in Hawaii. He returned with the family in tow to enter the kids in a private school (no criticism here, it's the proper action of a responsible father) and found Bill Richardson reluctant to accept his nomination to Secretary of Commerce and also, that means George Bush wouldn’t allow the Obama’s to park their U-Haul truck at the white house until they could unload it. It seems Governor Richardson has some pay-for-play of his own to clear up before he faces a Senate confirmation any time soon. The withdrawal of appointees has tied the Clinton administration’s record and before it’s over, I predict at least one more will beg off. It appears that the wheels are about to come off the “clown” car. I hope someone “changes the oil” on the teleprompter before he publicly addresses all these problems.

Thoughts on Oprah

I confess, other than news reports on her activities, I have little contact with the Oprah show. I many stumble across it if I’m surfing for a news broadcast or a sports event, but it is never intentional. I “borrowed” the following from "Skeptoid" and it about sums up some of the stuff I have witnessed myself:

“To her estimated total audience of 100 million, many of whom uncritically accept every word the world's wealthiest woman says, she promotes the paranormal, psychic powers, new age spiritualism, conspiracy theories, quack celebrity diets, past life regression, angels, ghosts, alternative therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy, anti-vaccination, detoxification, vitamin megadosing, and virtually everything that will distract a human being from making useful progress and informed decisions in life. Although much of what she promotes is not directly harmful, she offers no distinction between the two, leaving the gullible public increasingly and incrementally injured with virtually every episode.

When you have a giant audience, you have a giant responsibility. Maybe you don't want such a responsibility, in which case, fine, keep your mouth shut; or limit your performance to jokes or acting or whatever it is you do.

At some point, the real hoax is Oprah herself.”

More to it than global warming

If you are unaccustomed to checking on the Huffington Post you will find this link somewhat unexpected on Zion Beckons. They normally only entertain leftists, progressives and others of their ilk as posters on the website. I’ll admit that finding the words, “apology” and “Al Gore” in the same sentence was enough of a lure to get me to check. It will reveal an article by Harold Ambler to the end of asserting that Al Gore owes the rest of us an apology. He then makes the case in opposition to the concepts of anthropogenic global warming as touted in Gore’s infamous movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

What makes this interesting goes well beyond what Mr. Ambler asserts in his counter of the film. The shock to the regular readers of the blog and the outrage to hear a dissenting voice on the subject will give you a rare insight. Read the piece and then read some of the comments. I truly believe you will find it enlightening.

And finally

It was a chilly but brilliantly clear trip to Miami, OK Sunday morning. I never tire of the drive. The message was delivered by “Nappy” Roberson, and the attitude was one of repentance and renewal. I am extremely content with the members of this congregation. I am probably swayed by the fact that their constant emphasis is on Jesus Christ. Oh, that it were true everywhere.

Call me crazy but I am now buying bird seed in 25 pound bags. I truly believe that the bird feeders are the hottest subject on the bird “phone” network. I would love to know exactly how they communicate this important information to their cousins because it is obvious that we are the top news of the day. No new species have showed up, though.

One final note: I believe our comments section is messed up. I have cleared a couple of comments and done the right things and yet they have disappeared. If your comment didn’t make it, it is because of my ineptitude or else a system glitch. My apologies.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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