Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Father-in-law’s Pride

Yes, yes, I know that pride is hurtful in so many ways. I do believe, however, that is the pride one takes in oneself. I feel quite at liberty, with God’s approval, to rejoice in the activities of a family members who so obviously meet with His approval also. When my granddaughter begs to hear a reading of Bible stories my heart swells. When my son, as a four year old, responded to adults who jokingly asked him to share his ice cream cone by offering them the whole thing, I rejoiced. I am elated by those who do that which, in my heart, I know pleases the Almighty.

My son-in-law, Doug Koch and family are deeply involved in Las Vegas Outreach. I mentioned the effort in a post last fall about a man who was able to pursue his heart’s desire to bear witness on the street full time. His employer understood his unhappiness at work, and he and other businessmen pay him a salary and include a full benefit package, and his only responsibility is to offer Jesus Christ to any one who will listen. He sets his own hours and works where ever he is felt led. He is associated with Las Vegas Outreach.

To better understand the program, I urge you to bring up the video on Youtube and enjoy their efforts for yourself. The first man to speak is the individual above. The guy in the black shirt is Doug. He is a pediatric counselor at a major hospital in Las Vegas and also involved with cystic fibrosis patients. With five kids, two home schooled, the family is fairly well occupied. As both a family leader and one of the principals in the Outreach, Doug has proven the typical hostility that some have to their son-in-laws is not appropriate in this case. No man could reasonably ask for a better one.

As a Restorationist, I am happy to see the main thrust of the program is to share the story of and importance of Christ to all without any special influence from a specific denomination. This program celebrates the central figure and endeavors to inform the general public about their critical future.

If you find their challenging work of interest, feel free to quote, cite, or forward the good news. They would really appreciate your support. While I’m at it, I would mention that printed tracts and million dollar bills don’t come cheap; neither do 5-minute videos. If you feel led, any donations would be appreciated. At the most, these kids need continuous prayers for their success in spreading the word.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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