Thursday, August 21, 2008


The enclosed video, (Click on VIDA DE PERROS) is an absolute “must see.” Fortunately it is so skillfully done that knowledge of Spanish is quite unnecessary. Click the link and then deny that it does not affect so many relationships we have in our lives. The example is poignant enough in the example which is the subject. It is surprising in that the dog hung around that long in the face of indifference on the part of the kid.

This remarkable animal brings us a complete and effective sermon on our interaction with others at any level. He represents the dis-respected “other” who is carelessly ignored and therefore justifiably insulted. My companion saw the video and immediately ran to get Gus (our Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu) for an unsolicited hug and head rub. I, on the other hand, had guilty thoughts of the times I have unceremoniously dumped one of the cats on the floor when they took a position in front of the computer monitor. Food and shelter are not sufficient return for the confidence and love they exhibit. The entire menagerie has the individual capacity to react to inattention to their devotion.

The video serves us well for our families, friends and business associates. Are we so tied up in our own selfish lives that we are at liberty to dismiss those who care for us without acknowledgment? I pray that our twenty-four years of marriage has not left me with little more than control of the TV remote. The cashier at the super market offers a greeting and inquiry into my health and well being. Do I genuinely seek after her condition as well? Can I get out of my manufactured haste long enough to respond with sincerity and actual interest?

I am certain that when Jesus was on the cross he was preoccupied with the pain and could easily have been forgiven for concentrating on His situation. Under those extreme conditions, He demonstrated concern for those hanging beside Him. He reached out with comfort, reassurance and promise. For his tormentors, He begged forgiveness. Thus He demonstrated the behavior which should be sought but which we all so conveniently ignore. Sooner or later, everything returns to Calvary.

I have no idea who created the video. Their genius, compassion and insight should be acknowledged, not by public acclaim, but by a sincere effort on our part to repent of similar action and a renewed attempt to share our lives with others. A hearty thanks to whoever it was.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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