Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Rant 52

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Is that not more true today than ever in the past? For your amusement, here are some collected remarks about one of the candidates. After you read them, I shall furnish the name of the commenter.

“My impression is [Obama] thinks that if we leave, somehow the Iraqis are going to have an epiphany of peaceful coexistence among warring sects. I’ve seen zero evidence of that.” This is an assessment of Obama’s Iraq plan on September 13, 2007.

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” This was a comment to the New York Observer.
“But — and the ‘but’ was clearly inevitable — he doubts whether American voters are going to elect ‘a one-term, a guy who has served for four years in the Senate,’ and added: ‘I don’t recall hearing a word from Barack about a plan or a tactic.’” This is a continuation of the Observer interview.

“If Iowans believe campaign funds and celebrity will fix the debacle in Iraq, put the economy on track, and provide health care and education for America’s children, they should support another candidate,” said [ ] for President Campaign Manager Luis Navarro. “But I’m confident that Iowans know what I know: our problems will require experience and leadership from Day One. Empty slogans will be no match for proven action on caucus night.”

All were directly from the newly anointed vice-presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Apparently they decided to kiss and make up. This promises to be a great deal of fun, certainly through the convention in Denver. At the least they are both on the same page when it comes to murder of the unborn—they are “fer” it.


The preacher came up with one this morning that was unfamiliar to me. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. He was discussing the holding of a grudge and the damage it causes to our relationship to God. He pointed out that the measure of our own forgiveness is affected by our ability to forgive others. He used a graphic illustration to make the point.

Visualize an equilateral triangle. Place God at the apex. Place yourself in the lower right at the junction of the base and the side. Place the individual you have aught against in the remaining corner on the left. As your relationship with Him increases, the distance between you and your brother must (it is a basic mathematical reality) decrease as you ascend the side toward Him. As he comes closer to God, the distance between you must again decrease. Each step each of you takes to close the gap is, of geometric necessity, going to elevate you on the triangle and you will both come closer to God as your mutual enmity decreases.

True to His promise, as you treat him as the brother he is, your Father in Heaven will recognize it and continue His forgiving nature. Since it is, periodically, an issue I have to address, I am grateful for the example.

Are Americans Selfish?

We really don’t have to look far to find examples of folks, in any nation, who demonstrate extreme examples of self-interest. And yes, there are some Americans who seem selfish beyond belief. Are they the exception or the rule?

To listen to some groups, everything which is wrong on the planet is caused by the United States and its people. The conspiracy nuts are certain we imploded the twin towers on 9/11 with government approval and our own explosives. Others can’t understand our will to bring relief from despots and genocidal maniacs. Finally, our critics allege that we are greedy, stingy, uneducated and tasteless. Unfortunately, the mass media tends to support these spurious charges and encourage our detractors.

In recent weeks, I have had the rare privilege to come in contact with active missionaries from a variety of denominations. One family from Jan's local Baptist congregation with years in Kenya, our own Lee Reynolds and Dale Stafford (Reynolds with years with the Navajo in Pinon, AZ. and Stafford on various trips to Nigeria) and a chance meeting with a couple on furlough from Nicaragua at the golf course. Each has shared marvelous stories of success in bringing the message to the locals as well as in humanitarian efforts. August must be furlough month.

If that were not enough, I came across this article which warmed my heart for the devotion to others demonstrated by these people cited here. They are certainly not in it for the money, the comforts, or the public acclaim. The work they perform is necessary and of vital interest to the people involved. Take some time and read some of this journal and find how just how intrinsically good our people really are. When you bring it up, read what’s there. Click on some of their other web site references and get a rich understanding of Operation Continuing Promise.You will feel better for the knowing.

Since the foregoing has left a wonderful feeling in my heart for my fellow citizens, I shall desist from my usual closing shot at some selfish villain and enjoy the good attitude it has brought. I truly love my country and what it stands for. My fellow Americans seem to have the ability to make me proud with extreme regularity.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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