Sunday, July 6, 2008

Twenty Three and One Half Degrees

After posting a recent article on the Skate surfacing at the North Pole half a century ago, I find more and more folks alarmed over this “newly“ emerging open water at the pole. Does no one do any research or inquiry on their own? Information today has no expectation of privacy. Anyone with an internet connection has more data available than was in the Library of Congress two decades ago. If we continue to believe every jot and tittle which we are force fed by the agenda driven politicians and media and fail to check them for accuracy, we deserve the result. If we do not insist on—no, make that demand—fair and accurate representation of facts on issues of importance to the people we are remiss.

The planet we live upon just happens (?) to enjoy a tilt. We do not just float through the cosmos at some haphazard angle. We are, at present, tilted at exactly 23.5º. For this reason the poles experience roughly 65 days in the annual trip around the sun, completely without sunshine. During a similar time frame, there is constant light. During the intervening periods, access to the sun varies gradually from one extreme to the other Given the importance of the sun governing temperature, the range is expressed by alternate freeze and thaw. This is actually middle school information. Given the condition of our public schools, this means that about 10% of Americans already know this and the balance are amazed to find out. Auto mechanics understand it because of their experience with planetary gears; reporters, not so much.

An extremely slight change in that 23.5º angle could have catastrophic results in our world. The degree of tilt is actually lessening over time. Don’t get out your protractor and surveying equipment because you will not live long enough to measure the tiniest of movement It will happen and changes will take place. We have been subjected to an all out alarmist assault gradually increasing over the last few decades and only now reaching a grand crescendo of scare mongering. It has reached the point that the “bandwagon” is so crowded, some saner minds are starting to fall off.

In an extremely lucid and non-hysterical manner I recommend the work of an actual scientist whose qualifications will be immediately recognized by the quality of his presentation. In his piece he deals with various “end times” scenarios and the mathematical probability of their occurrence. He is entirely dispassionate in his rebuttal of the ridiculous.

I found the site after an interesting dinner conversation with my companion. She mentioned an outline of a planetary tragedy which I had long forgotten. Someone, neither of us can remember who, posited that one day the earth would become out of balance (see-spinning top) and topple out of its orbit. This thought is so inconsistent with known issues that it has to be the product of an insane mind. The spinning top suffers from two factors which do not affect the balance of the earth. One is imbalance and the other is the action of a vastly superior gravitational force.

One might foolishly believe that the disparity of elevation between Mt. Everest and the Mariana Trench, about twelve miles in the aggregate, would provide evidence of imbalance. With a diameter of 7950 miles that twelve mile difference constitutes a .0015 ratio of difference. 15/10,000 is barely measurable and slicker than just about any surface you might imagine. As a boy, I was taught that the earth, if reduced to the size of a bowling ball, would be hundreds of time smoother. The globe you have in the den is not nearly as slick in proportional reality. Although somewhat elliptical and with a bulge around the middle (I can certainly relate to that) it provides a highly reliable platform from which to conduct our daily affairs.

The author of the referenced piece covers several of the highly popular doomsday scenarios which are so carelessly bandied about on TV and other media to keep the citizenry scared to death. I’ve never heard of this guy but that is no surprise. Most people whose stock in trade is fact and common sense do not command much attention in the media.

One strain keeps running through all of this. What is it that prevents us from accepting the fact that our miraculous planet was created for us by God Almighty. It is in place for us to use and also care for. He has provided habitation replete with His laws and His creations for our benefit. Why can we not just graciously accept that which He has provided, give Him thanks, acknowledge His power and genius, obey His laws and take advantage of His protection and guidance?

Everyone else turns to baseball for an analogy so I shall help myself. Folks, as lovely as our lives are here on earth, this is really nothing more than the minor leagues. If we prove our merit here we will get to go to the “bigs.” This is an opportunity to “try out” and show our worth. In the minors they record hits, runs, & errors. In our lives we have a chance to garner more hits and runs and God has promised to forget the errors – if we repent. It’s a fair trial and I certainly believe it’s worth it.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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