Wednesday, July 9, 2008

God, guns, & guts …..

If ever there ever was a bumper sticker which gave more offense to liberals than “God, guns, & guts—made America free!” it is unknown. It also symbolizes absolute success in message delivery by the use of carefully selected, accurate, easily understood short words. I find it delightful in that it encapsulates the absolute worst perceived rebuttal of the progressive movement. Tarring the phrase with the “redneck” brush is to imply an ignorant and provincial offering chosen more for its alliteration than its deeply felt meaning. Happily, this is not true. They are, no doubt, jealous of the ability to summarize such principals so succinctly. There is purity in its brevity and accuracy in its summation of cherished values.

In the Declaration of Independence, the Almighty is referred as “Nature’s God,” “Creator,” “Supreme Judge of the World,” and “divine Providence.” Each case is a result of supplication for assistance and intervention on His part to establish liberty for His people as individuals and for their collective benefit. The signers clearly understood the role that God would play in their success or failure. They truly and rightfully believed their cause was just and that God would offer His mighty hand to give them aid. He did!

Throughout our history our leaders and our citizens have called upon God for intervention in times of peace and war to substantiate our country’s goals. They exhibit an awareness of the Almighty and the bearing He has on their daily lives. They have been accused of “seeking refuge” in their Father in heaven and plead guilty to the charge. Where better to seek refuge than in the arms of God? Our people, like the Declaration signers, clearly understand the role God has played, and continues to play in our daily lives.

By appearing first in the slogan, God takes his rightful place as the first factor in the continued liberty we enjoy. Being in that rank enhances the two which follow, and places them in the company which they deserve.

Those who wholeheartedly back the individual right to bear arms and those who purposefully go against the Bill of Rights to secure the first means of their agenda, both see the wisdom of placing “guns” in second place. For those who understand our origins and the subsequent history of the nation realize the importance which armed force has played in its development. They realize that nothing has changed over the centuries. Yes, the sophistication of the armaments has come a long way but their purpose remains the same. They stand in the face of tyranny be it foreign or domestic, and enable the citizen to exercise his abilities in defense of his freedom.

It has made little difference whether they faced a British regular, a mugger, a Nazi storm trooper, a home assault, a civilian terrorist, a burglar, or a mad man in a school or church, they have happily taken refuge in their guns to solve the problem. They are an integral part of the American psyche. Self defense, be it national or local, is an absolute requirement of liberty.

Those who would ban firearms readily recognize the difficulties of implementing an oppressive government on those persons who have the means of self defense. One only need visit any of many despotically ruled countries and examine their policies on the private ownership of firearms to realize the truth of this matter. An armed populace is not easily controlled. The leftists and fascists understand this well and an integral part of their agenda is the disarmament of all citizens. Our current murder capitols rotate among Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. where the most onerous gun non-ownership is the law. Criminals and nations alike realize the benefits of attacking an unarmed entity.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the third factor in keeping America free. For those who have any doubt about the willingness of Americans to demonstrate intestinal fortitude they need only visit the military cemeteries at Arlington, Gettysburg, Tulagi, Normandy or the many others scattered throughout the world. From Barbara Fritchie, remembered poetically, saying, “Shoot if you must at this old gray head, but spare our country’s flag,” to the cryptic “Nuts” offered in response to a demand for surrender to the Germans when encircled at Bastogne in 1944, with the 101st Airborne by their commander, Gen Anthony C. McAuliffe, Americans have demonstrated the utmost of courage. (Disclaimer: he was commanding general of the US. Seventh Army during my service abroad.) It would take a collection of books of encyclopedic proportions to even minimally record the instances of our citizens reaching into previously unknown depths to pull out deeds, words and actions of unbelievable daring-do.

Guts in America are not the exclusive property of the military. One can easily recount public safety personnel, homemakers, preachers, teachers, fathers, kids, and complete strangers who have come to the aid of others or offered themselves in response to a perilous situation. We are a nation of heroes. Some folks just haven’t had the occasion arise—yet! When it does, I have every confidence they will summon the strength and courage to distinguish themselves and reach out to others. They will also, probably, be the most surprised by their actions.

Some “guts” are not of the type which garner headlines. The mother who sacrifices for her child, those who strive to protect helpless animals, kids who buddy up to unpopular companions, and those who rise to defend their individual faith are just a few examples of every day Americans who summon the courage to protect those things they believe to be right. On rare occasions, we even see an elected official rise to join their number in defense of freedom.

“God, guns, & guts…” properly ordered but all essential to the preservation of American freedom. Those who choose another path for our country will continue to strive to defeat all three. They realize all too well the strength of that combination in pushing their evil agenda. Trust me, they have done, and will continue to do everything they can to defeat it.

It’s not a just bumper sticker; it’s a way of life.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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