Saturday, May 1, 2010

Impending Disaster

We suffer a level of justifiable paranoia at our house over what we see as the immediate dire future for our nation. We have tried dismissal, avoidance, willful ignorance and pie in the sky dreaming but none seem to work. The warning signs keep piling up and we have become increasingly worried. Currently, our fears are centered on the apparent lack of concern the Democrat Party demonstrates over the possibilities of a party reversal as a result of the upcoming November elections. This prompts the question of why they show little hesitation in continuing their downward spiral to socialism when they must realize that it is a recipe for disaster. They appear oblivious to the impact their activities will have on their established influence in holding both house of congress and the presidency.

Historically, we are unaccustomed, as a people, to extracting nefarious purpose from every political move. While we typically have much to criticize about the party, or president, in power, we seldom assume that down deep they hold animosity for or actively seek to blatantly alter our form of government. We have joined millions of others, who have giggled, chuckled, guffawed, and generally been otherwise unimpressed by the promises of “hope and change.” We figured it was campaign sloganeering and dismissed the seriousness of the thought. Now, we must grudgingly admit that we were wrong.

Over the last fifteen months we have seen dramatic changes in the functions of our government. Bank bailouts, industrial federalization, record breaking spending, national debt without any ceilings, enactment of socialized medicine, alienation of our former allies, Marxists filling major posts in government and worst; continued emphasis on separations of our peoples by ethnic and racial identity. These are the results of the “hope and change” which was promised to the people. Any one of the preceding would represent an absolute alteration in the way the United States does business. If this process is not identified and acted upon; in a scant few months our former country will become unrecognizable.

This brings us to what the current occupants of the seats of power can possibly do that will render the threat of the upcoming elections moot. In plain language, they can call them off. You may plead that it cannot be done and underestimate the ultimate goals which are at stake for these people. It would necessitate the manufacturing of a sufficiently important national crisis to negate the constitutional mandates currently in place. It would require a crisis of sufficient magnitude to require the institution of martial law and dispensing with habeas corpus.

So far, the efforts to paint the Tea Party as violent, racist, and disruptive have been largely unsuccessful. In the blatant attempt by the congressional black caucus members to manufacture a race based incident, we found no substantive evidence to back their ridiculous claims. Most recently, they called for a SWAT team in Quincy, Ill to face down a collection of grandmas bearing cookies. These would be laughable if it were not for the seriousness of the effort to discredit the patriots involved. Given the deportment of the Tea Party participants, it will be difficult to find a way to incite them to the violence of which they are routinely and falsely accused.

This prompts observers of the news to question each and every cataclysmic event which occupies the headlines. One is ongoing at the present which has the earmarks of a potential manufactured crisis. At the expense of eleven killed, a mysterious explosion occurred on a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Louisiana coast. The result was a spill of mammoth proportions which has resulted in an uncontrollable spill to rival the Exxon Valdez in Alaska several years ago. This crisis has the potential to bring grief at many levels. In terms of actual damage, it will affect the fishing, ecology, tourist, boating and oil extraction businesses now and for years to come.

More important, it has an affect on the public perception of drilling which the administration will no doubt use to abate the recent clamor for more drilling to free us from dependency on foreign oil. Further it represents an opportunity, with established causation, real or imagined, to place further federal controls on oil rigs, and service companies in the oil patch. One can easily imagine the placement of “security” personnel on the offshore rigs as well.

For several years in the early eighties we ran an arms business in Houma, LA with a three part customer base; hard working blacks, hard working Cajuns (old time) and hard working oil well “monkeys.” We valued every category and learned from each of them. All, and especially the oil people, were fun loving, loyal and were more friends than customers. The oil guys had a special seriousness which was born of working in a constant dangerous environment. There is no contention that accidents cannot happen but knowing the types of people who man the rigs, it is difficult to imagine that this occurrence was a result of carelessness or happenstance. It is even harder to imagine when one projects the benefits available to enemies of the United States both foreign and domestic. As a caveat, let me assure you we have no solid evidence of sabotage on the rig. Would we be surprised to learn of it at some later date? Absolutely not!

As each new crisis arrives—and they will—carefully examine the details and question the circumstances. Could this have been manufactured from “whole cloth?” Does it serve to further divide an already fractured society? Does it call for more governmental control, personnel and expenditure of already short funds? Does it present an opportunity to shift blame to something already under attack from the administration? A measure of cynicism is required of our people to be certain that civic breakdown has an explainable source and that the government is reacting with logic and skill and no over-reaching. Enough tragedy occurs in a nation of 310 million people without supplying more to satisfy any political agendas. Our constitution guarantees this government to be directed by “We the people…”; we must never stand still and be deprived of the ability to exercise that intention.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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