Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to Make of it?

We are collectively coming up on eighteen months of the administration of Barack Obama. In that interval, I have become convinced that he is hell bent on the absolute destruction of the United States of America. The worst of it is that he could possibly succeed. Under normal circumstances there would be an effective legislative and judicial branch to thwart the absolute take over of the government. This is not the case today with both the house and the senate under his thumb and the supreme court on the verge of swinging to the left.

Further, he has pulled an “end around” and appointed forty plus “czars” in important sectors of the administration with the authoritative capacity to regulate the lives of every American. This has long since passed the point of being a laughing matter. Oh, his boners have provided a few grins but the overall performance has little humor in it.

Many have noted that he needs some time to get “his sea legs” and adjust to the responsibilities of the office. He’s had nearly 550 days to figure out how this country is supposed to work according to the Constitution and the statutes. In fact, I believe that he claimed, on the campaign trail, that he was a former ConLaw professor but I see little evidence to support that assertion. It would appear that the “on-the-job-training” phase should be well in the past.

Over the years I have been exposed to endless numbers of conspiracy theories on one matter or another and have found them to be, for the most part, pretty flimsy stuff and not worth the time to absorb. For the first time, I am now beginning to believe that we are about to become the victims of the most elaborate plot the world has ever seen. It has taken eighteen months of observation to convince roughly 55% of the population that a.) we are in trouble and b.) it is the direct result of actions from the White House. Are we really that dense? Perhaps it would be kinder to say we are simply in denial. The matter is so bizarre that a collective denial has settled over a significant portion of the population.

It has been one crisis after another accompanied by insane fiscal outlays supposedly offering a solution. In the process, little progress has been made to seek the root causes and make the necessary corrections. The solution has been routinely the same—throw money at it. All the country has left is a treasury full of useless receipts, worthless IOU’s and an incredible national debt. Even those issues which require a modest amount of money to pursue are ignored to the peril of the nation. The oil continues to flow uselessly into the Gulf, the Mexican border is still a war zone, the COLA for Social Security participants has been nixed for the second straight year and the (intentional?) incompetence proceeds apace.

If American citizens are unable to become aware of the political mess we are in and fail to balance the government as the founders intended, we will be in dire straits. Do not for a moment believe that we cannot go bankrupt. We can! The time has arrived when we discard the notion that polite conversation with friends and family cannot be sullied by political comments. These are exceptional times and if we are restricted by some archaic notion of politeness which prevents public complaint and accurate observation we are in a world of hurt. This is a conversation which should be on lips of every person. This country is facing a serious genuine crisis. I urge you to become involved in your responsibility as a citizen. You must become informed and be ready to plead with every person you know to join you in returning this nation to sanity. The alternative is too horrible to even contemplate. Pray to Almighty God for the redemption of this exceptional nation.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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