Monday, July 5, 2010

Pete Hegseth, Captain, Infantry

Capt. Hegseth in two tours, one to Guantanamo and one to Iraq, has seen our enemy first hand, understands our military, and in his academic career pushed the limits of exceptionalism. In an appearance before the senate committee responsible for investigating Elena Kagan for the appointment to the Supreme Court, he cites his objections to that action.

There are two reasons to watch this video. The first is, as an active military officer, to clearly understand intellectually his opposition to the appointment. More important is the opportunity to witness the caliber of young officer who has risen in the ranks to lead our troops.

Much of the testimony centers on her decision to bar the military from recruitment on the campus at Harvard Law. Capt. Hegseth clearly answers that ill-founded position and reminds us of what we should all remember: the complexities of modern warfare require an exceptional intellect and a capacity for firm leadership. Watch Capt. Hegseth in his testimony and see if you agree he is definitely up to the job.

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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