Friday, July 23, 2010

Facing the "Cap and Tax" Disaster

Mr. “Green Jeans” (Al Gore) has provided a barrel of laughs for those who follow public figures. His constant whining about CO2, his sore-headed response to the 2000 election, and his sexual preferences, recently revealed, have provided grist for the tabloid mill and even so-called reputable journals. Unfortunately, the issue which has the most direct affect on the daily lives of most Americans is the Cap and Tax Fiasco.

Amidst other pressing matters (USDA Sherrod at the NAACP, BP oil spill news, Journalist shenanigans, etc., etc.) it might appear that the matter has been forestalled. But no, like an unattended chigger bite, it is still there with its companion irritation. For a clear analysis of the costs of the proposed Boxer-Kerry legislation and the long range implications (through 2035) click on this article from the Heritage website.

The following is a quote from that much lengthier report but it allows you to evaluate what the result will be for you and your family.

“Americans can expect the following to occur between enactment and the year 2035 (all figures are adjusted for inflation):

  Inflation-adjusted losses to gross domestic product (GDP) of $9.9 trillion;

  · More than $4.6 trillion in higher energy taxes;

  · Job losses exceeding 2.5 million for some years;

  · Annual family-of-four energy costs rising by $1,000, including a gasoline price increase of more than $1.20 per gallon;

  · Annual family-of-four energy costs plus increased cost of goods and services totaling more than $3,000;

  · Average GDP loss per family of four above $4,500 per year;

  · Family-of-four net worth dropping by more than $40,000; and

  · The family of four's share of the national debt rising by an additional $27,000.”

What the above quote doesn’t cover is the affect this legislation will have upon unemployment figures. They will soar. It is difficult to imagine a more crippling exercise upon the American economy. In addition to the recently passed socialized medicine bill it should guarantee bankruptcy for the nation in a very short time.

This questionable crisis is obviously being promoted by those who seek the absolute destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever known. It is little more than just one more tool in an already overcrowded tool-box. Under the guise of predictions of doom if we refuse the use of $10 bulbs over the 89cent variety incadescents, these nannies ignore any natural occurance which produce massive amounts of CO2. For example, the Icelandi volcano Eyjafjallajokull last spring was pumping an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere daily, while active. The Guardian furnished the following comment:

“One extra volcano-related aside: with European carbon market prices fluctuating around the €14 per tonne mark at present, this would mean that Eyjafjallajokull would theoretically be liable to a maximum daily bill of €4,200,000 ($8 million) if it were a fully fledged, carbon-trading nation or corporation. But who would dare get close enough to present it with an invoice?”

The most recent popular quote from Al Gore would have been appropriate for him on observation of that carbon spewing monster: “Take care of that!”

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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