Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Do We Do Now? Punt !!!

The golden moment has come and gone and we have no more idea now what the White House has in mind than we did 58 days ago. The oil continues to gush a mile under the sea, the bureaucracy continues to grind along, and the president has taken the podium and is still gushing platitudes, generalities and no concrete steps. Oh he has assured us that BP will pay and he will appoint a blue ribbon commission and engage every Nobel Laureate he can find but does not mention exactly whose hands are going to get dirty fixing this thing. We can depend that he’ll not eat his next snow cone while visiting the gulf with oil stained hands.

The “speech” was rife with comparisons to other calamities but his leadership is in no way comparable to those who handled the mentioned disasters. There was no call to arms for the people to become involved in saving themselves and their way of life. Even Roosevelt had the presence of mind to realize that he required the efforts of each and every citizen if WWII was to be successfully resolved. Our first view of Bush after 9/11 was encouraging the nation with a borrowed bull horn from atop a pile of rubble.

What was missing in the entire mess was any degree of specificity. Mixed in with some of his favorite agenda items for the congress was little concrete information as to how the leak would be stopped or how he had waived austere requirements from various federal agencies to circumvent their regulations to allow the clean-up to proceed. As a confessed conservative you would logically expect that I would find little praise worthy material in the president’s text.

For a good look at the opinions of established pundits and commentators on the left I strongly recommend you play this tape. Here, Keith Olbermann interviews Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Howard Fineman from Newsweek magazine. You must click on this link and hear these guys. I’m pretty certain that the bloom is off the rose.

Now wasn’t that special? I especially enjoyed Olbermann’s line: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

I noted the other day that the thought of President Biden was becoming more and more attractive to me by the day. This evening, I am definitely ready. God help us all!

In His abiding love,

Cecil Moon

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